How Does Racism Affect The Civil Rights Movement?

Over the past Decade the word racism has become one of the most argued words since the civil rights movement. Only the difference is the black population didn’t have the same rights as the white population. There were peaceful protest all throughout the country, and the police force responded with brutal and unnecessary violence. There were still blacks working on farms picking cotton only difference was they were getting paid enough to support themselves not even mentioning their families.

Interracial marriage was frowned upon and for the longest time was considered an invalid marriage in the eyes of the south states. Most experts all agree that racism is a basic reactive motive that a group of people have. As well as using racism to make themselves feel better and more superior than that specific minority group. But, some argue that prejudging is a universal trait that humans have gained through evolution. There has been studies tested on children to find that these children assumed the traits of someone based on their color over gender, and personality similarities.

Before these children are able to have any influence from their parents in a teaching way, they are natuarally using the same assumptions that “stereo types” make. So that begs the question of what racism truly, and not what society makes racism seem to be. On July 13 2003, the black lives matter movement was formed. Shortly after the Zimmerman trial reached a verdict, which many believed was an unfair trial. The #blacklivesmatter became a symbol for the minority community and exploded all over social media. At the time the movement was strictly just a hashtag with no brick and mortar location.

Shortly following on August 9th 2014 a man by the name of Michael Brown was shot and killed unarmed. But, people tend to forget what happened hours before the shooting. Michael and his friend robbed a store earlier that day. When dispatch gave the description of the two suspects officer wilson noticed that Brown and his friend matched the description. He then proceeded to block Brown and his friend. Brown then walked up to the cruiser and fought for the officer’s gun causing it to fire. Brown and his friend then fled the scene but the officer already had his gun drawn on Brown.

Brown then turned around and started to walk towards the officer. No one truly knows weather Brown put his hands up or not. But what we do know is that brown was a suspect when this altercation had occurred and was also a 6’4 295 kid that was trying to take an officer’s gun. Could the situation been handled better, yes, did the officer murder someone, no. After the ferguson and the riots settled down people started to film tonight everywhere they went in public looking to catch another “ruthless act” on film. Gotta get them instagram likes.

By this point the blacklivesmatter movement has gained enough support to start moving their organization to the streets of cities. Soon the organization needed a leader to represent the organization as a spokesperson. And these is when the problems really started to happen. The movement used the news to get their word out and use interviews as propaganda. However one of their leaders for the organization took a training course at a police academy and ended up failing every scenario. Not only did he fail, but in one he actually shot an unarmed man. At the end of the day he realized the significance of compliance with the police.

That little evidence of how one course can change the view of one of the movement leaders really worries me about how much research these people are truly doing. Another thing being that nowhere does the organization protest against black on black violence. In their website on the about page they use very odd trigger phrases “like liberation of our people’’ and “humanization of Black lives” their entire website is using these phrases to literally give people the ideology that they aren’t even being treated as humans by the majorities and that the need a liberation.

Since when did people start treating blacks like dogs and dehumanizing them? When people see leaders in their lives say things like that tensions start to boil, and it can get to the point to where cities are just waiting for an excuse for absolute chaos. On august 10th 2014, the streets of ferguson were being occupied by protest. They were peaceful at first but slowly got more and more dangerous all the way up until november when the governor of missouri declared a state of emergency after continues months of riots and unlawful protest.

Not only were their riots, but the looters there were burning and destroying their local businesses. Since when did ruining your neighbors career become benificial for this great #blacklivesmatter movement. People used this event as a way to go completely insane and do whatever they pleased. They didn’t care why there was protest. They might claim they do but if they truly did then they would not have been burning their neighbors shops to the ground. They didn’t kill Michael Brown, and neither did all the innocent bystanders that were murdered in the streets at night from drive bys and other things.

Yet people say cops are racist towards blacks, here’s why they are dead wrong. Last year alone 50% of all fatal shooting victims were white, and only 26% were black. Now there are a tremendos amount of more whites in our population. However, that tiny percent of blacks being 13%, that 13% commits 62 percent of robberies and 57 percent of murders in the entire United States. For those of you that need a little bit of help for that 13% of our entire population they are committing 57 percent of all murders.

In New York City the black population is 23 percent of the population. Yet they are responsible for 70% of all shootings. What about the cops themselves? At the university of pennsylvania a study was conducted and they found that a black cop was 3. 3 times more likely to shoot the suspect than a white cop. In result of the significance of the black lives matter movement in 2015 caused there to be a over twice as many cops victimized by fatal shootings in the first 3 months of 2016.

Looks like the ‘peaceful protest group’ is doing a great thing for the public. Now for the political side of this word. Many have this conception of the republican party to be more prejudice and even sometimes accused of being racist. Anthony Johnston was the first free man to legally own a slave in the american colonies. What most people don’t know is that Anthony is a native to Angola. Angola is in africa, which meant that Anthony was an african american, known today as a black man. The first legal slave owner was black.

During the civil war the President for the confederate states, Jefferson Davis, was a democrat. Along with almost every governor in the south they were all democrats. The same people that allowed black people to eb lynched in the streets, and whipped time and time again. They were all democrats. Abraham Lincoln, the man that abolished slavery and gave all of those black people freedom, was a republican. The younger generation is so misinformed with the actual history of our country and only believe what people say the are or believe.

Which is why we as a society have such a hard time grasping how to end racism but the problem is racism is such a complex word everyone in the world has their own 5 page essay on what they think it means. My intentions were not to sway anyone to what they think is right or wrong but to give shine the light on such a sensitive and dangerous topic with today’s day and age. Don’t stand up for something if you don’t truly understand what that certain thing means. And always stop and think, do I truly believe in why I am doing this?