How To Write An Olive Garden Essay

Olive Garden Evaluation Essay Cooking at home or having a homemade meal is a very good thing, but sometimes, we like to try different kinds of food. A lot of people come from different countries and they may have never had certain types of foods that are commonplace here. I once discovered that I enjoy Italian food, so the first Italian restaurant I went to, and I still visit, is Olive Garden. Olive Garden is not the greatest restaurant in the eyes of some, but for me, it’s simply the best!

They have a wonderful atmosphere, courteous service, and delicious food made by professional chefs from an authentic Italian-inspired menu. First, Olive Garden is a very appealing restaurant with a wonderful ambience. The entrance is wide and spacious to accommodate the visitors, and there are chairs by the walls for people to sit in while they’re waiting to get a table. On one occasion at Olive Garden, one of the hosts took my information for a reservation. She gave me a small beeper and asked me to wait in the entrance hall.

I had never experienced this small pager that beeps when it is your turn to be seated. When one of the hosts walked us in, I noticed that the decorated walls with paintings of food and wine in vibrant colors. The tables are organized according to size, and each one has two, four, six or eight chairs. There is an elegantly nice balcony with more than ten chairs for big families or large groups of friends. The chairs and tables were made of fine naturally-finished wood. The paintings on the walls and the festive music playing always give me the feeling of a true Italian atmosphere experience.

Also, the staff is very nice, and the service is great. The hosts welcome us in as if we are entering a palace. During a different visit, one hostess with ginger hair took my chair, and pulled it out for me to sit down, making me feel like royalty. Our host showed us three different tables and asked us which table we would like to have. One of the specific tables on the balcony had a unique design and more than ten chairs. There were five people in our party: my father, my mother, my dad’s friend and his wife, along with myself.

We decided to pick the big table. Before leaving with a wonderful smile, the host gave us the menu and said, “The server is going to be with you in a moment. ” The menu was written carefully with every detail for each plate to make it easy for customers to make their choice. There were special offers, and all the prices were shown clearly on that leather-covered menu. While we were looking at the menu, a young lady with a big smile on her face introduced herself as our server. She put a pitcher of ice water on the table and gave each of us a glass.

After that, she asked if we were ready to place our order, or if we needed more time. We were all starving and were eager to order. My mom and I ordered my favorite minestrone soup as an appetizer, my dad ordered shrimp scampi, and my dad’s friend and his wife ordered the special dish. The waitress happily took the order, and she came back with a big plate of salad with garlic flavored bread sticks, which are also some of my favorites. The salad was made with crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, and well-seasoned croutons.

This is a very simple dish, but the Italian presence made me feel as if I were eating something that could only be found in Italy. The best part for me was when the waiter asked if I needed parmesan cheese on my salad. I kept asking her to pour more on my food, as I relish the parmesan cheese at Olive Garden. My dad and his friends were comparing Olive Garden to other prestigious Italian restaurants. My dad’s friend said, “One of my favorite restaurants is Olive Garden,” and he even mentioned that he comes once a week to have dinner with his wife!

In the next moment, I could see our server carrying a big tray in one hand above her head with five dishes, including my minestrone soup. I could smell the familiar aroma, and got very excited. The vegetables, beans, and pasta were in a light tomato broth, and they were delicious. Furthermore, the head chef who initially prepares the food does it so well. I don’t know if he is Italian, but the smell of the food and the way the dishes are designed perfectly emulates the Italian essence. The bread sticks taste as if they are from a renowned bakery.

Every time my friend Lindsey had lunch or dinner at Olive Garden, she texted me saying, “I love the bread sticks and Alfredo Sauce. “I went with my friend Allison to Olive Garden over the break, and I asked her what she liked most about it. Allison said, “Bread sticks are my favorite, I would even marry them. ” While we were having the appetizers, the waiter came and asked if everything was ok, and if we liked the food; ten minutes later the main dish was served. My past had arrived, and ravioli di Portobello.

I was so excited to start eating that ravioli di Portobello with extra cheese. I will never forget that taste. It’s no wonder why people wait sometimes for an hour to get a table at Olive Garden. Moreover, Olive Garden isn’t only famous for pasta; they also make a good pizza, especially the vegetarian. There are green pepper chunks, cherry tomato, sliced onion, black olives and melting mozzarella cheese, making it appear to be a small garden. A lot of people order pizza, especially the amazing vegetarian pizza.

At each meal the host or server asks what | would like to drink. I usually drink some Sprite or water. They serve a fresh orange juice that tastes delicious. A lot of couples go out to eat at Olive Garden, and they usually get glass of wine to enjoy with their dinner on a special day of their life. On my birthday, after having lunch with my friends, the server came to the table and asked us if we wanted any dessert. I chose the Black-Tie Mousse Cake that was made of rich layers of chocolate cake, dark chocolate, cheesecake and creamy custard mousse.

After taking a bite, I felt as if I was in Heaven. It tasted amazing with an amazing taste of dark chocolate. On the other hand, not all people enjoy Olive Garden. Most of these people don’t want to go because they may have had to wait for a long time to get in. Sometimes it can take up to an hour to get in. One time, I went with my mom to have lunch at Olive Garden and she ordered a salmon meal. After she waited about thirty minutes, she got her Salmon almost raw, and when she told them about it, the manager came and apologized, and then he sent another one.

The second salmon meal was wellcooked from outside but still raw on the inside, which meant they cooked it too quickly, so she ordered to spaghetti. The good thing was we got our lunch for free because of that. My dad visited Olive Garden twice, and in both visits, he complained about the long waiting, and he said, “it’s not worth it to come because they warm the food in microwave, and their food is not fresh. ” However, Olive Garden is the busiest restaurant in Toledo and if it wasn’t great, people would not wait such a long time to get in.

The prices are very acceptable, the service is very good, and the internal design is wonderful. Olive Garden is a good place for families, friends, and couples. It’s also nice to dine in on holidays or special occasions. It’s located in Toledo, but when I get in there, I feel like I just arrived in Italy. It is an amazing place, I like the way they designed it, and I love their Italian food, especially the minestrone soup. I also enjoy their service and the way they treat people. Olive Garden is the best restaurant.