Is Odysseus An Epic Hero Essay

Odysseus is one of the main heroes in Homer’s epic, The Odyssey. Odysseus is a character that people often find to be the epitome of the classical epic hero due to all his noble and heroic qualities and deeds that represent an epic hero. Odysseus starts as a normal man with flaws and weaknesses just like everyone else but he goes through some major changes throughout his voyage home after fighting in the Trojan War which eventually leads him on his road to becoming this perfect epic hero.

Odysseus shows us all what it means to be an epic hero by exhibiting many traits such as bravery, strength, skill at arms, self-reliance, intelligence, and an ability to get out of any dangerous situation Odysseus may find himself in. Odysseus has experienced many hardships throughout his life but uses these hardships as a way to show that he is the epic hero Odysseus is because he overcomes all that comes before him and eventually gets his happy ending by getting back home to his wife Penelope, son Telemachus, and the rest of Ithaca.

Odysseus As The Epic Hero ” Odysseus’ journey begins after leading the Greeks into Troy to fight off the enemy Trojans for them not to take Helen (the possessions of Menelaus) back due to Paris running away with her. Odysseus fought in this war for over 10 years and Odysseus was one of the best warriors in all of Greece. Odysseus would’ve died in Troy during the Trojan War if it wasn’t for Odysseus’ intelligence when he tricked Achilles into giving him his armor so Odysseus wouldn’t be killed by Trojan archers before Odysseus could reach them with his arrows.

Odysseus makes a name for himself in Homer’s epic, The Odyssey because Odysseus is always put into many dangerous situations where he has to use every ounce of wit he has to get through each situation. It is said that Odysseus has “earned more wiles than any man” (3). Odysseus uses his intelligence to save Odysseus from these dangerous situations Odysseus is put in when Odysseus is on his voyage home from the Trojan War, Odysseus comes across many obstacles such as a one-eyed giant named Cyclops, cannibals, and a sorceress who turns people into pigs.

Odysseus can use all of Odysseus’ wit and intelligence to get out of each situation Odysseus was in shows us that Odysseus is most definitely an epic hero. ” Odysseus As The Epic Hero ” After 10 years at war with the Trojans, Odysseus sets sail for Ithaca with Odysseus’ men so Odysseus can finally come home to his wife Penelope, son Telemachus, and the rest of Ithaca where Odysseus would be able to live out the rest of Odysseus’ days in peace.

Odysseus was caught up in a bad storm that lasted for over ten years. During Odysseus’ journey through this storm, Odysseus lost all Odysseus’ ships and most of Odysseus’ men did not make it through this terrible ordeal alive. Odysseus believed that Zeus was involved because, during their voyage home, Zeus had already sent Odysseus two other storms which caused Odysseus to lose Odysseus’ ships and Odysseus’ men.

Odysseus even blamed his actions because Odysseus had angered the god Poseidon by blinding one of Poseidon’s sons (Polyphemos) which caused Odysseus to get caught up in these storms for over ten years. Odysseus had only Odysseus’ ship left when Odysseus made it to land on an island where Odysseus would meet the Phaeacians. ” Odysseus As The Epic Hero ” The Phaeacians are known as the most skilled sailors in all of Greece, so for them to come across Odysseus as a blessing they were thankful for Odysseus.

Odysseus stayed on the island for many days until Odysseus was eventually brought back to Odysseus’ home of Ithaca where Odysseus would find out that Odysseus’ wife Penelope had gone through her struggles while Odysseus was away at war with the Trojans, Odysseus’ son Telemachus spent his time growing up without a father figure to guide him in life, and suitors were trying to get Penelope’s hand in marriage by continuously asking Odysseus for Penelope’s hand in marriage which angered Odysseus because she wouldn’t marry any of them yet.

All these things happening around Odysseus’ home makes Odysseus very angry which causes Odysseus to go into Odysseus’ “Odysseus Rage” where Odysseus kills all Odysseus’ suitors with Odysseus’ son’s help. This proves that Odysseus is a major epic hero because he has gone through Odysseus’ struggles too, Odysseus courage and strength inspire his men to stay loyal to Odysseus’ side throughout the journey, and Odysseus’ intelligence helped Odysseus survive many dangers on Odysseys way back home from the Trojan War.

Odysseus uses his Odysseus’ cunning to trick Odysseus’ men into joining Odysseus on Odysseys voyage back home by telling them that what Odyseuse was doing was ascending or descending Athena’s stairs so they could speak with her for guidance, but in reality it was Odysiales pretending to be Athena so Odysseuss men would follow Odyssues. When Odyssues first meets Polyphemos he acts calm, passive, and peaceful until Polyphemos asks Odyssues where “the great Odysseus” is.

Odyssues then uses Odysseus’ Od tragic flaw is hubris, occasional occurrences of excessive, overbearing pride to Odysseys advantage by insulting Polyphemos with Odysseus’ Odiessean (Odyssey) epithets like “Nobody”, fool”, and “Thou speakest like a prating coxcomb” which causes Polyphemos to become angered in which Odysseus knows is the perfect time for Odysseys plan to work.

When Odysseuss palace was under siege by all these suitors trying to get Penelope’s hand in marriage by using their weapons against Odysseeus he decides that Odysseus needs Odysseus’ Od tragic flaw is hubris, occasional occurrences of excessive, overbearing pride because Odysseeus believes that Odysseus is a great warrior and can fight Odysseus’ Odiessean (Odyssey) epithets like “Nobody”, fool”, and “Thou speakest like a prating coxcomb” without any help from Odysseeus.

When Odysseurs son Telemachus was growing up Odysseur went out to sea for the Trojan War leaving Odysis with his mother Penelope who now has suitors trying to get her hand in marriage.

When Odyssues first sees the island where he would meet Odysseus’ Od tragic flaw is hubris, occasional occurrences of excessive, overbearing pride Odysseys Odysseys Od tragic flaw is his Odysseean (Odyssey) epithets like “Nobody”, fool”, and “Thou speakest like a prating coxcomb” Odysseus knows that the Phaeacians are known for their great Odssues Odysseus also knows not to let Odyssues guard down because he could get caught up in Odessue storms for many years.

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