Jordan Baker American Dream

Jordan Baker is a complex and intriguing character in The Great Gatsby. She is a professional golfer, but her true passion seems to be manipulating others. Jordan is very good at hiding her true feelings and motives, which makes her a difficult person to understand. She is often cold and distant, but she also has a sharp wit and a sharp tongue. Jordan is not the most reliable or trustworthy person, but she does have a certain charisma that draws people to her. Overall, Jordan Baker is an enigmatic figure who fascinates and intrigues readers.

In The Great Gatsby, by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Jordan Baker was depicted as being rash and unscrupulous, with the haughty attitude of many of her era’s people, but also having modern-day womanhood qualities. This renowned novel was written during the glitz and glamour of the Jazz Age, about money and avarice throughout the Jazz Age, as well as on the American dream and its corruption. Jordan Baker is initially characterized as having a haughty disposition. When she first starts speaking to Nick, this facet of Miss Baker comes out.

The way she handles herself and the way she speaks to people show that she is used to getting what she wants. It is also clear that Jordan is not very honest when she is talking to Nick about Daisy and Gatsby’s relationship. She tells Nick that Gatsby and Daisy had an affair while Daisy was still married to Tom Buchanan, but later it is revealed that this was not true. Overall, Jordan Baker seems like a typical woman of her time: wealthy, arrogant, and dishonest.

However, there are some aspects of Miss Baker’s character which make her more modern. For example, Jordan is a professional golfer, something which would have been quite unusual for a woman in the 1920s. She is also shown to be independent and strong-willed, refusing to let anyone control her. Overall, Jordan Baker is a complex and interesting character, with both modern and traditional characteristics.

“‘Yes, you live in the West Egg,’ she sneered. ‘I don’t talk to losers,’ Nick thought; it was what he had heard Daisy say a few times when they were apart. His eyes moved down her body and came upon her hand.

Jordan was also a dishonest person, as is shown by her profession as a professional golfer. Cheating was common among professional golfers at that time, and Jordan was no exception. Jordan also cheated on Nick when she was dating him. She was seeing another man on the side while she was still seeing Nick.

This shows that Jordan was not a very trustworthy person. Lastly, Jordan Baker is also quite stuck up and arrogant. She thinks very highly of herself and does not really care for other people. Jordan is one of the many people in The Great Gatsby who are not really what they seem.

Jordan Baker is a character in The Great Gatsby who is not really what she seems. At first glance, she appears to be a nice and polite person. However, upon closer inspection, it is revealed that she is actually quite dishonest, stuck up, and arrogant. Jordan is not someone to be trusted. She is very self-centered and does not really care for other people. Overall, Jordan Baker is not a very good person.

Jordan Baker, too, is an example of reckless behavior during the Jazz Age. She is frequently negligent, untrustworthy, and outspoken. Tom Buchanan has said to Jordan on occasion that he was perplexed as to how she achieved anything (11). Miss Baker is also a notorious liar. There was a report that she moved her golf ball during a match in order to win (58).

Jordan is also very blunt. When Gatsby tried to kiss her, she told him “I can’t” and walked away (9). Jordan doesn’t seem to care about anyone or anything. The only thing she seems to be interested in is playing golf and winning. Jordan Baker is an interesting character because she displays some of the characteristics of many people during the Jazz Age.

She is reckless, dishonest, and blunt. However, she also shows that she is capable of being hardworking and determined when it comes to playing golf. Jordan is a complex character that helps to show the reader the different sides of the people during the Jazz Age.

Jordan Baker is a significant character in The Great Gatsby because she embodies many of the traits associated with the Jazz Age. The recklessness, dishonesty, and bluntness of Jordan Baker are all indicative of the times. The fact that she is also capable of being hardworking and determined shows that there were still some good qualities present during the Jazz Age. Jordan Baker is an important character in The Great Gatsby because she provides a glimpse into the lives of people during the Jazz Age.

Her reputation was that she would go to any length to win or at least obtain her way. Nick Carraway, who admired Jordan greatly, noted that she was “incurably dishonest” (8). Jordan Baker is also shown to be a terrible driver. She declared, “It takes two to make an accident.”

It should be noted that while Daisy was the most vivacious and affable of them all, she also strongly urged that she hoped she would never encounter someone as negligent as herself. (59) Jordan Baker is another outspoken woman. She stated her opinions plainly. She was the first to reveal Tom’s lover to Nick (15). Scott Fitzgerald frequently stressed the recklessness of American citizens and used Jordan Baker as an example.

While Jordan Baker may have been dishonest and a bit reckless, she was also a very independent woman. She was one of the first women to take up golf professionally (8). This showed that she was not afraid to go against societal norms. Jordan Baker was also shown to be quite intelligent.

Nick stated that “She had a slender, small-breasted body, with an erect carriage which she accentuated by throwing her head back. Her voice was low and insistent…Her eyes were sad and they had looked sad even when they shone”(14). Nick Carraway is often considered to be a reliable narrator and his opinion of Jordan should be taken into account.

Jordan Baker is a complex character with many layers. While she may seem dishonest and reckless, she is also shown to be a very independent and intelligent woman. Fitzgerald uses Jordan Baker as a prime example of the recklessness of the American people.

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