Marc Jacobs Research Paper

Have you ever wondered what the early life of a fashion designer was? Whether it was always easy for them or if it was hard? Or even just about them and their life in general. Like, how did they become famous, do they have siblings, and/or many other things. Well then here are the answers to some of the questions you might have about Marc Jacobs. People may think Marc Jacobs has it all made. Like his life is easy because he is famous. Marc Jacobs may be a big famous fashion designer known for some of the hottest lines in New York, well all over the world.

He may have it all now but he is a person and he does have feeling, he has just worked hard for what he has. A person who works hard or has it made still has problems and he is a perfect example of someone with struggle and success. I feel like he shows people that no matter how hard life is or how hard you struggle you can still fulfill your dreams. You can do anything you put your mind to. Marc Jacobs has been through alot, but he still made it. Marc Jacobs was born in New York, New York City on April 9, 1963. His mom and dad were both agents at the William Morris Agency.

His life took a turn at the age of 7 when his dad died. After his dad died his mom remarried twice but suffered from a mental illness. Marc’s uncle ( Jeffrey Weisbord) said that after Marc and his 2 siblings ( Julie and Paul ) were neglected after their father’s death. Mr. Weisbord stated “My sister went on cruise and left the kids with the housekeeper, who was having parties. ” Soon after Child Protective Services stepped in. When Marc was in his teens he wanted to go live with his grandmother Helen on the Upper West Side. Meanwhile, Julie and Paul went to foster care in New Jersey.

After that happened the siblings stopped communicating. Marc Jacobs uncle said that one of the last times he seen him was once when Jacobs went to visit his mother in the hospital she was in but his uncle said he looked very uncomfortable. It is said that Jacobs and his siblings did not attend their mother’s funeral. From personal experience I know how hard it can be to fulfill what you need or want to do with one parent in the picture, but jacobs had neither so I could only imagine how hard it was for him in his personal life.

Although Jacobs went through a lot he didn’t give up he kept pushing himself to try harder. Marc Jacobs says he learned his style from his grandmother. He says she was the reason he fulfilled his dream for fashion. Marc Jacobs first job was after school at the upscale clothing boutique Charivari. He was only 15 when he started working there as a stockboy. Not only did he work there as a stockboy, but they allowed him to make sweaters in between folding clothes and dressing mannequins. Working here helped him get into Parsons School of Design.

In Jacobs final year at Parsons School of Design he was rewarded 3 of the schools highest honors. These awards were the Design Student of the Year, Perry Ellis Gold Thimble Award, and the Chester Weinberg Thimble Award. Marc Jacobs said that while growing up trying to fulfill his dreams nobody ever told him no, that he couldn’t do it. Not only did he get 3 of the highest honor awards at Parsons School of Design he graduated at the age of 21. After graduation Marc Jacobs designed his first collection. Jacobs first collection was for the label Reuben Thomas. He cited the films Amadeus and Purple Rain.

In 1987 he became the youngest designer to ever receive the CFDA’s (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent. After that Marc Jacobs took over as the women’s-wear designer for Perry Ellis. Soon (1992) after this he won the award for Womenswear Designer of the year, and again in 1997. In 1993 Marc Jacobs sent out a “grunge” collection for the label, the company hated it but critics loved it. Jacobs struck out on his own. He started his own company, of course with financial help from his former bosses, with longtime business partner Robert Duffy.

The Marc Jacobs line was soon a success. Not only did the Marc Jacobs line become a huge success, but soon after his line became a success Jacobs was named creative director of the Louis Vuittons house of luxury goods in Paris. The job made a huge impact on Marc Jacobs personal life. He began a period of heavy drug. Jacobs used drugs like cocaine, heroin, and alcohol. Jacobs stated “but when I drank I was taller, funnier, smarter,cooler. ” Some of Jacobs’s friends like Naomi Campbell and Anna Wintour persuaded Marc Jacobs to get some help and go to a rehab.

He finally checked into a rehab in 1999. After getting clean Marc Jacobs threw himself back into work. After getting back into work Jacobs he launched Louis Vuitton’s first ready to wear line, while expanding his line. His three Marc Jacobs lines (two for adults and one for children) are sold world wide. Not only did Marc Jacobs Start expanding his own line along with Louis Vuitton’s he also started getting into perfumes and accessories. Doing that not only helped him become richer, but it also made his line and name bigger.

In 2002 the Council of Fashion Design of America named his Menswear Designer of the Year, and Accesories Designer of the Year in 1998/99, 2003 and 2005. Jacobs always made sure he was fulfilling his dreams and celebrating his accomplishments. In 2005 Marc Jacobs also launched his first watch collection in collaboration with Fossil. Jacobs continued his lines into 2007. He launched another line in 2007 aptly named Little Marc Jacobs. Soon after Marc Jacobs was becoming a bigger success something happened. In 2008 Marc Jacobs was accused of plagiarism.

Jacobs was accused of plagiarism because of a scarf in his collection. The discovery was made by Esquire writer Rob Millan. Apparently the same exact design as a scarf was used by Swedish designer Gosta Olofsson. But eventually Marc Jacobs had some positivity in his 2008 life. Jacobs has several limited edition fragrances launched. Jacobs had launched three new splash scents, a limited edition Daisy fragrance in a new black bottle, and sheer versions of the fig and gardenia fragrances. Also in 2008 Marc by Marc Jacobs boutiques were opened in Paris, Istanbul, and Athens.

In 2009 new stores were opened in London, Sao Paula, Milan and another collection store in Chicago. Marc Jacobs lines started to become more and more popular, and he made more and more money as they did. That’s not the end in 2010, Marc Jacobs married his boyfriend Lorenzo Martone, a Brazilian PR executive, at a friend’s home in St. Barts in the French West Indies. Fans of Marc Jacobs have repeatedly said that Jacobs shows are a place you can go and realize that everyone matters. They have said that Marc Jacobs is there role model, inspiration, and motivation to fulfill their dreams.

Marc Jacobs has proven that even if you have a rough life while you’re young, or just in general you can always fulfill your dreams. Not even just your dreams but anything you put your mind to. Jacobs shows that everyone has a rough patch in their life, and that some people make it through it and some people don’t. But the people who do make it through it are the people who never give up and keep pushing their self until the are fulfilled with what they’ve done. He shows us that you don’t need motivation from everyone or approvement or acceptance, but to motivate yourself, have confidence in yourself, and most importantly never give up.