Monkey’s Paw Play Vs Play Analysis Essay

The story and play of the Monkey’s Paw were both alike and different in many ways. Both the play and the short story showed the story’s’ excellent elements of literature. They both included the main theme of do not mess with fate. They also showed me many other things.
To begin with, the play was different in many small and enormous details. To contrast the character Sergeant-Major Morris, who was a man in the story, was now switched with his wife, who was in the play. She now proclaims that he died. This a main difference between the two versions. Additionally, there are many more differences between the two. In the play the father and son never played chess, but in the story the father and his son played chess. Because of the chess game, the reader discovers the father’s characteristic as both a risk-taker and a bravado. Another point of contrast is that the setting was never told in the play, but it was included in the short story. They story was located in Laburnam Villa….

One such likeness was the story’s theme. The theme of both stories is to not challenge fate. The man that created the paw wanted people who wished upon it to receive an atrocious outcome, but still obtaining the wish. The things happened in such a coincidental way that people would not have known if they were not told of the wish. Another similarity between the two is the conflict. The source of the conflict within the two stories was the monkey’s paw. The monkey’s paw made everything go horribly. It made a man kill himself and Herbert to be killed. In the plot of the two versions, both the wife of the Sergeant-Major in the play and the Sergeant-Major himself in the story threw the paw into the…