Narrative Essay On Blonde Hair

As a young girl I always wanted people to play with my long, straight, blonde hair. My mother as well as my aunts would fix my hair to match whatever I was wearing. Whether it was a bow, clips, tiara, or braids I seemed to always have something in my hair. As I got older I knew something was changing, and I was not sure if I would like it. When you are in a military family you have to be somewhat okay with moving and change, but I have never liked change. There was no such thing as a small bow, the bigger the bow the better.

My mom wouldn’t let me go out of the house without a bow stuck to my head. You were seen as the bad mom if your child’s head was naked while out in public. I was the type of little girl that absolutely loved having any kind of accessory in my hair. I was that child who had way too many bows and clips for one child to ever have. I hated getting older and not being able to wear bows, I had never gone without a bow in my hair. I have been told stories of my aunts playing and fixing my hair, but the first time I remember was at my Grandparents’ house.

Going to my Grandparents’ house in Paris, Tennessee was my time to grab the clips and get my aunts to give me a “new hair-do”. My aunts were not married and didn’t have any kids so they loved any chance they got with playing with my hair. I loved my hair and did not like the idea of it being short. Most children get ahold of scissors at one time in their life and think it would be smart to chop off a chunk of their hair. I was not that type of child and kept my scissors to my crafts.

There was a time in middle school where all the girls began to wear bows again. I was super excited because I got to wear some of my old bows and it brought me back to my childhood years. We all soon realized we looked like a complete mess and put the bows away for good. Carrie Bradshaw once said “Maybe you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be. ” I have always wanted my hair to stay light, but all blondes know it doesn’t stay naturally light forever. No matter how my hair looked I was always jealous of the next persons “perfect” hair.

At a young age I had a meltdown about my hair getting darker. A lady that is like my grandmother, CiCi, who was always super tan with perfect blonde hair told me she had a way to solve my issue. She told me that when I get older she knew how to fix my dark blonde hair with a little coloring. At that age I didn’t know anything about dying hair I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that my hair was getting darker. Between the cost and effort I never went to a salon to color my hair. I did find a much cheaper solution, which was blonde shampoo.

The bottle said it was for all shades of natural, color-treated or highlighted blonde hair. It was advertised as helping keep your color, which was music to my ears. After many years and many bottles later my hair only seemed to be getting darker. With blonde shampoo not working I tried the next best solution, or so I thought. I later found out that lemon juice was more damage to your hair, only after I applied nearly a whole bottle. I was jealous of many of the girls in my high school that had such long blonde hair.

Many of these girls were the preppy girls of the grade, and I thought they were perfect. Half way through my senior year in high school all of the preps began to cut their hair to shoulder length. I was so upset that they had ruined their gorgeous hair by cutting it, but everyone seemed to follow in their steps. A few weeks later it seemed that almost everyone in the school had short soccer mom haircuts. One of the teachers made a statement about how immature long hair looked and how the short hair was in style now.

I was one of a few that didn’t agree with everyone else and decided to keep my hair long. Every time I try to do something crazy with my hair my mom will not let me. She knows better than I do and knows I will be upset in the end after I cut my hair. There was one time that I did cut my hair to my shoulders when I was in the seventh grade and absolutely hated it after a while. I know hair will grow back, but it is all about the change and time that comes with it. Change is not something I like at all, especially if it is my hair that I am completely obsessed with.