Othello and Iago Relationship Essay

Othello and Iago have a complex relationship. Othello’s trust of Iago makes him feel betrayed by him, Othello feels that Iago is his friend however Iago has tricked Othello into believing this. Othello does not understand how his friend could do such a thing to him.

Othello thinks that he has been tricked because someone who was supposed to be their moorish man, had gone over to the Turkish side, so now Othello feels as if Desdemona is no longer pure and innocent which means the marriage between Othello and Desdemona cannot continue as it is an insult to her family for her to marry a black man. This shows how Othello assigns characteristics to people that Othello believes are evident just from Othello assigning meanings to someone’s skin colour which he sees as the only indicator of the person’s worth.

Othello fails to see what sort of a man Iago really is and Othello also fails to understand Desdemona because Othello has already decided on a meaning for her blackness, this affects Othellos judgement of his wife, Othello doesn’t give Desdemona a chance at all because Othello has already made up his mind about who she is from what he has been told from Iago. Iago creates suspicion in Othello by manipulating words and planting ideas into Othellos head without anyone else knowing apart from Othello.

Othello is so completely deceived by Iago that Othello believes Iago as a true friend who can be trusted and as Othellos best friend. Othello thinks he has found a true friend, Othello throws himself into Iagos arms which shows how Othellos view of this relationship has been altered to Othello’s benefit but also Othellos detriment because it is not healthy for Othello to trust someone like Iago blindly and still think of them as their moorish man when they have betrayed him and ruined his life with Desdemona.

Othello and Iago are the central characters in Othello, an immensely popular play written by William Shakespeare. Othello is a Moorish general in Venice, who’s employed by the government to protect its people from enemies of all kinds. Othello had married Desdemona, a high ranking lady in Venice. Othello is very generous and Othello trusts Iago completely. Othello is described as “one not easily jealous, but being wrought, perplexed in the extreme. “

Iago on the other hand is conniving (manipulative), envious (resentful of Othello’s success) and looking for revenge for Othello not promoting him to be his deputy which was promised to him by Othello long ago. Othello’s downfall starts when he tells Iago that he has fallen in love with Desdemona because she had done nothing wrong. Iago pretends to befriend Othello continuing his manipulations on Othello by offering Othello his friendship and loyalty pretending to want Othello’s trust when Othello does not trust him at all.

Iago’s goal is to destroy Othello and Othello’s happiness in order to gain Othellos status with the government, Othello’s wife Desdemona and Othello’s friendship. Othello starts to become more jealous by the day believing that Desdemona is cheating on him with Cassio because Iago gives Othello reasons to be suspicious of her. One reason being, Othello sees a handkerchief which he gave to his wife before he was married dropped in a place where Cassio was from many years ago, which once again proves the point that Othello has been played for a fool thus starting his madness and Othello kills his wife and himself.

Othello’s downfall was Iago’s goal right from the beginning to Othello. Iago is a great manipulator and Othello trusts him completely without any doubt, Othello’s trust in Iago is what made his downfall possible by believing anything that Iago said not once thinking he would lie or try to manipulate Othello into becoming suspicious of his wife Desdemona especially after being so nice towards Iago.

Othello has complete faith in Iagos good intentions until he started trying to convince Othello every minute detail of their conversation which happened many years ago was true even when they both knew it wasn’t making Othello’s trust in him waver which Othello never thought Iago would do this to him. Othello’s trust in Iago is Othello’s downfall because he is making Othello more and more suspicious of Desdemona who had done nothing wrong unlike what Othello has been told by Iago.

Othellos doubt grew so much that Othello became so convinced his wife was cheating on him with Cassio, thus becoming unreasonable and Othello kills Desdemona despite the fact that Desdemona denied all allegations Othello made against her as untrue, until Othello says “Hell hath no Fury like a Woman Scorned” which is when Othello finally believes those lies made up by Iago about Desdemona.

Othello became mad with jealousy and Othello killed her but Othello realises too late that he had fallen for Iago’s trap of manipulating Othello into hating his wife by using Othello’s trust in him to convince him every minute detail of the conversation was true. Othello trusted Iago so much that even when his friend Lodovico tried to explain what really happened between Cassio and Othello’s wife Desdemona, Othello didn’t believe Lodovico until it was too late.

Othello falls under Iagos manipulation because he wanted revenge for not being promoted to be Othellos deputy years ago which set in motion Iagos plan to Othello’s downfall when Othello failed to promote Iago to Othello’s deputy. Othello couldn’t see that Iago was only his friend in order for Iago to destroy Othello and Othello’s happiness and make it convincingly look like Othello had gone mad with jealousy which Othello believed because he trusted Iago so much because Othello never suspected him of anything even when Othello knew Iagos true intentions yet Othello believes every word that Iago says, whether or not they were lies.

Othello’s love for Desdemona is what brought about his downfall because he would do anything to keep her happy because she had done nothing wrong unlike what Cassio did to Othello. Othello’s love for Desdemona is Othellos downfall because Othello had complete trust in her yet Othello would soon believe Iago no matter what which caused Othello to kill his own wife, Desdemona, despite the fact that Othello was completely innocent of cheating on him with Cassio.

Othello’s self doubt after being manipulated by Iago was Othello’s downfall because he started to distrust himself and stopped trusting anyone or anything that came out of his mouth including Desdemona who never did wrong by him. Othello’s self-doubt kills Othello because he starts thinking there’s some kind of conspiracy against him when really Othello was Othello’s downfall because Othello was tricked into believing every word Iago said when Othello should have known better especially after being friends with Othello for so long.

Othello started to think that Desdemona’s love for him wasn’t real even though Othello had no reason not to trust her completely but yet Othello trusted Iago more than anyone and at this point Othello’s faith in people is Othello’s downfall which led to Othello’s wife death.

Othello’s self doubt is what kills him because he starts thinking he has some kind of conspiracy against him even though there isn’t one and it is just addled through his mind by Iago. Othello’s self doubt gets Othello killed because Othello starts to think that Desdemona doesn’t love him and Iagos plan backfires when Othello finally sees what Othello had done and kills himself, thus putting an end for Iagos evil schemes against Othello and Desdemona.

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