Overcoming Adversity Essay

In times of trouble, when adversities are faced, one’s true character is revealed. When these moments in life hit, people see them as barriers, unable to be broken down. However, there is a point when an individual demonstrates their true es or characteristics, which would not have come to light unless an adversity had risen. Adversities can allow individuals to view the world in a new perspective due in part to their hard work, though this is not always the case as the pressure may become to intense for some individuals to conquer.

Overcoming adversity allows individuals to witness the world in a whole new light and contribute to it with a greater sense of significance. The adversities that present themselves in these peoples lives allow them to discover hidden talents, useful in their personal battles. Forrest Gump, from the critically acclaimed film Forest Gump, is a simple man with a bellow average I. Q. but good intentions. Gump faces many tribulations throughout his life such as his leg problems resulting in his need for leg braces.

He never lets these tribulations interfere with his life goals or happiness; he continued to believe that life is filled with good things for those who reach for them. Forrest turns one of life’s setbacks into an advantage for him when he gets his leg braces removed only to learn of his great agility. He uses this skill to evade bullies in school, achieve a football scholarship and save the lives of multiple soldiers in the Vietnam War. Forrest conquest over his adversities allows him to appreciate the simple things in life.

This way of living allows him to perceive the world as a place full of happiness and joy. Ron Woodroof was an electrician who in 1986 was diagnosed with HIV. Instead of accepting the prognosis and his prescribed fate, Ron chose to take an initiative and import non-FDA approved drugs from Mexico that would make a difference in his battle against HIV. These drugs would improved the patients health and prolong their life span. Woodroof established the Dallas Buyers Club, aimed at providing aids patients with the necessities to survive.

Ron did not let his struggles morph his perspective of the world into a place of despair. Instead he chose to fill his world and that of the people he touched with a sense of hope. Ron’s crusade to battle this deadly disease saved a lot of lives; these people would not have survived had it not been for Ron’s sense of optimism and hope. Chris Gardner was a down on his luck entrepreneur who became homeless after his invention failed to create revenue. Even in the face of adversity, Chris followed his motto “If you want something, go get it.

Period. ” He never let adversity get the best of him; he continued to see the world as a land of opportunity and dreams. He never stopped fighting for his dreams, because he wanted to give his son the life he deserved. Gardner surpassed expectations; landing a stockbroker job, allowing him to one day establish his own multi-million dollar brokerage firm. From then on he saw the world, as it really was, a place in which only hard work and determination leads to the pursuit of happiness.

These individuals were able challenge their adversities, which in turn altered their view of the world and the ways in which they interacted with it. Not everyone is able to overcome adversities that appear in their lives; occasionally the struggle is too intense to overcome and the fight is lost. Robin Williams was an American comedian and actor, who battled multiple misfortunes throughout his life. Williams was subject to multiple addiction battles with cocaine and alcohol during the early 1980’s.

He was able to subdue these adversities for a period of time, only for them to resurface 20 years later in 2006. Robin Williams attempted to challenge his afflictions once more by checking himself into rehab following the resurfacing of his alcohol abuse in 2006. The late actor was also dealing with Parkinson’s disease, depression and dementia. He committed suicide on August 11, 2014 in his California home. The comedic actor tried greatly to overcome the difficulties that plagued his life, but the hardship and struggle was too prolonged and intense for him to endure.

Philip Seymour Hoffman was an American actor, producer and director of film and theater. Hoffman had a history of heavy drug abuse starting in 1989. He checked himself into rehab the following year and was able to remain clean for 23 years until he relapsed. The actor attempted immensely to overcome his addiction, but in 2014 he was found dead in his apartment with a needle still in his arm. The death was an accidental suicide from a drug mixture of Heroin, Benzodiazepines and Amphetamine, which were all addictions he had tried to overcome throughout his life.

Not all battles with ones hardships result in a victory; there are those who battle their troubles for years only to be overcome by them. Individuals who are faced with adversity, work their hardest to achieve the goals that they set out for themselves, no matter how difficult they may seem. Though there are those who’s perspective on life is altered when faced with tribulations, there are those who must first conquer their physical or mental adversities before they can achieve their life goals.

Either born with afflictions or developed later on in life, there are those individuals who have physical disabilities but do not let them dictate what they can do with their lives. Lionel Messi is a worldrenowned football player who was born with a lack of growth hormone in his body. This discouraged him from playing soccer for a very long time. His small stature though, gave him immense speed, making it impossible for other kids to catch him. Messi dreamed of playing professional soccer, but knew his stature limited him. Leo overcame his adversities by dedicating everything in his life to soccer.

Using his agility to gain the attention of soccer clubs around the world, Messi become a part of FC Barcelona. Stephen Hawking developed Motor Neuron disease at the age of 21 and was not expected to reach the age of 25. The disease slowly paralyzed him over the years, disabling his ability to speak and move. Though this disease was crippling Hawkins life, he never let it interfere with his work as a theoretical physicist. He challenged the disease so that he could continue his work and has lived well past the age that a victim of such a disease should reach.

Helen Keller lost her vision and hearing at a young age. Though this disease greatly incapacitated her, Keller refused to be limited and strived to have the same opportunities as everyone else. Through her dedication, she was able to learn to communicate with the outside world and get an education. She is a pioneer for handicapped individuals who face their own adversities in life. Though adversities can be crippling in life, individuals who have a strong enough drive for what they believe in, can overcome their adversities.

The world is based upon trials that people face everyday in life. If it were not for adversities challenging people to think differently and work hard, then the world would not progress. The world needs tribulations that from time to time overcome its challenger, because without these circumstance the world may miss out on a special talent being elicited. Adversities can alter an individual’s perspective on life, grow too daunting for an individual to manage, or force them to push pass their limits for what they believe.