Papertowns Book Comparison

Have you ever read two book by the same author? If you haven’t, then you may wonder if two books by the same author are more alike or different. You can find out by taking a close look at both books. Let’s look at Papertowns and The Fault In Our Stars, both written by John Green, and see if they are similar or different in their setting, characters, problems, and resolutions, and their conflicts. In the story Papertowns, there is a girl named Margo Roth Spiegelman, she is the “queen bee” also known as the popular girl, but she is having problems with her ex-boyfriend. Then she and one of her friends named

Quentin, or “Q”, go off trying to pull pranks on her ex-boyfriend. The next day Margo goes missing, and all of her friends try to go looking for her. This story is in modern times, in Jefferson Park in Orlando, Florida. While “Q” goes to try to find Margo he gathers a group of friends. Their names are Ben Starling, Radar (Marcus), and Lacey Pemberton. This is the “crew” that goes to find Margo. “Q” I not your average young adult, he is very responsible, and takes school very seriously, along with everything else he does. Ben is described as an olive skinned person by the author, he is also best friends with “Q”. Ben also s also the owner of a place named ” World’s Largest Balls”. Radar is also bets friends with “Q” but he is the side kick; he is also really smart so you could always count on what he says about school work.

Radar got his nickname he used to look like a black version of Gary Brughofff when he was younger. Then he grew up and started to look different, but his friends still stuck with calling him Radar. Lacey Pemberton is not friends with Margo, because she knew that Margo’s ex-boyfriend was cheating on her, but she decided to not tell her and mind her own business. Although Margo didn’t like Lacey she still wanted o help find Margo. That tells you how kind and sweet her heart is. The main problem in this book is will “Q” find Margo? After long days and nights of trying to find Margo, they finally find her. However she is not very thrilled to see any of them, although they spent many days and nights, she still doesn’t show any gratitude for what they did. Some conflicts are Margo wanting to go home vs. her deciding to go back home.

This is an internal conflict because it was her choice to stay where she was or to go back home. Another conflict id “Q” wanting to take his anger out on Ben vs. aking his anger and controlling it. This an internal conflict because it was his choice to control his anger or not. The last conflict is Margo being mad at the group and letting it go vs. the whole group being mad at each other. This is an external conflict because it involves everyone making the choice to be kind to one another. In the second amazingly written story, The Fault In Our Stars, there is a girl named Hazel Grace, who is always depressed because of her suffering of cancer, until she goes to a support group where she meets a guy named Augustus Waters.

They start hanging around and growing a elationship with each other. They take a trip to Amsterdam, to go visit their favorite author, and learn more about each other. This book is in modern times, in Indianapolis, and Amsterdam. Throughout this story, you will meet a whole cast of characters. Their names are Hazel Grace Lancaster, Augustus Waters, Peter Van Houten, Isaac, Mr. and Mrs. Waters, and Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster. Hazel Grace is a very strong person; she deals with her cancer everyday without feeling sorry for herself, in fact she is the total opposite. Hazel Grace is also the type of person who tries to help others feel good.

Augustus Waters is the complete package in Hazel’s eyes. Augustus is the romantic type who is always staying strong for Hazel and she helps Hazel every step of the way. Augustus also suffers from cancer, but he never mentions it, and he never tries to feel sorry for himself either, because he doesn’t see cancer like most people do. Unlike most people, he doesn’t see cancer as a stump on the road; he just sees it as a regular illness. Peter Van Houten can only be described in one word… DRUNK! Although Peter Van Houten does drink lots of scotch, he is a very good author; he has written many books.

He also bases his books on what has happened in his life. Isaac is one of Hazel’s and Augustus’s best friends, but he is blind, so throughout this story Hazel and Augustus try their best to help him. Not only Isaac is a good friend, his heart is also full of love. Mr. and Mrs. Waters are big supporters of Augustus, but also Hazel. They are always trying so hard to keep both of them happy, but also is hard to keep them happy when they have to go to the hospital constantly because of their cancer. Lastly there are Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster. They are the over protective parents in this story. Hazel is never llowed to make a decision on her own even if it is a little decision. Her parents always find it very important to be involved in everything that she is doing. The main problem in this book is how can Hazel’s family help her from feeling depressed? To help solve that her parents take her to a support group where she meets Augustus, and Augustus then starts becoming the sunshine to her rain.

When it comes to conflicts there are many but, here are just a few. Lastly, there is Hazel Grace vs. her cancer. This conflict is external because she can’t control her cancer. Then there is Hazel trying to be independent s. her parents trying to get involved in everything she does. This conflict is internal because she has the power to be able to tell her parents that she can do stuff on her own. Aside from obvious similarities such as both books being by the same author and both being novels, they also have other similarities, like their characters, problem and resolution. They also have internal or external conflicts; and they both have very strong climaxes. In both of these books it is set in modern times, and they both have two big main internal conflicts, and two big external conflicts.

These two books also have really powerful climaxes. Although these books might have many similarities, they also have a lot more differences such as both having different problems and resolutions. These books also take place in different parts of the world, and they also have different characters with completely different personalities. By studying the same features–setting, characters, problems and resolutions, and conflicts in two books by the same author, such as Papertowns and The Fault In Our Stars, both written by John Green, it is possible that you will find some similarities and differences too.