Process Essay: Understanding The Motives Behind Murder

Murder is one of the darkest and most intriguing subject to ever exist on the face of this Earth. Murder, by definition, is the act of taking away someone’s life, usually in an unlawful way. While cases of murder are pretty common, catching the killer isn’t so simple. In order to better catch a murderer, you have to be able to think like a murderer and get the picture of how they think and work.

It’s crucial to be educated about murder because it’ll enable you to understand how murderers work, how to identify them, what they do, and why they do it. Knowing how to murder, disguise yourself and clean up and dispose of the body and evidence are all beneficial because they each will help us understand how a murderer works and how they go through the process of killing someone. Understanding the motives behind murders is important, too, because it makes it so we know the why factor of the murder, and it’ll help narrow the suspect list, too.

We can get a general idea of the motive that’s encouraging the murderer if we just think like one because if we place ourselves into the killer’s viewpoint, we’ll be able to ponder why they would want to kill someone, and the solution would come quickly if we just concentrate hard enough on the why part of the equation. Learning about famous murder cases and serial killers is also vital because we can look back on them and learn from our mistakes, making sure not to repeat history.

Being in the mindset of an infamous serial killer would not only make us ponder about how they got away with killing so many people, but it’ll also help us to understand more about how a murderer work. Educating yourself about murder is something that should be widely accepted around the world, and it may very well be the key to lowering the amount of murders and unsolved cases in the world. There are many ways to kill someone, and each method will appeal differently to each person, depending on their situation, who the victim is, and what exactly the killer’s purpose is.

For example, if the killer just wants to murder their victim in a quick, smooth, and virtually untraceable way, one method that they can use is to fill a syringe with air, and then insert that air into their victim’s bloodstream. However, as simple as this may sound, there’s a lot more factors that go into play here. For example, in order for it to be lethal, you have to inject a decent amount of air into their system. If you don’t inject enough air into the person’s bloodstream, all it’ll be doing is causing anything from pain, paralysis, inflammation, and neurological damage.

While these symptoms are excruciating and painful, they are far from fatal. Furthermore, in order to successfully kill someone, you need to inject the air in the right area, which is the victim’s veins or arteries. Anywhere else will not have a deadly effect on the person. The logic behind this method of killing is that the air forces pressure to build up in your veins, thus making your heart stop beating. Your heart is much like a simple machine, and once it senses too much pressure in your arteries, it’ll stop pumping, causing you to die from symptoms of what would look like a heart attack, and the authorities would be none the wiser.

However, if you would want to kill someone in a more painful, slow and cold blooded way, that’s a different story. There are many ways to kill someone painfully, ranging from the common knife stab to more creative outlets, such as quickly inserting a vast amount of hydrogen peroxide into someone’s bloodstream. Other options include, but is not limited to: shooting them with a gun, severing their spinal cord, snapping their neck, poisoning them, suffocating them, dumping them in chemicals, choking them, burning them alive, electrocuting them, making them overdose on drugs, decapitating them, injecting them with venom, etc.

As you can see, there are many effective and creative ways to kill people. However, torturing people beforehand makes the whole process more interesting and enticing. There are many types of torture, including: slowly growing a bamboo shoot through their body, burying them alive, slowly drowning them, starving them, cutting off their limbs, hanging them, slicing open their body, giving them an infection, skinning them, breaking their bones, burning them, making them freeze, forcing them to stay awake, whipping them, keeping them barely alive, etc.

Today, torturing is usually a method reserved for people who kill for fun or sport, so namely to say, psychopaths. People who are killing for a specific motive usually just want to get the deed done and over with. Choosing which way to kill someone is probably the most important part of the whole process, considering that murdering someone is the main goal, and the method in which you kill someone will also determine how you should disguise yourself and which way you want to clean up and dispose of the body.

If possible, try to kill someone on a surface that is hard, flat, and easily cleanable, like a wood or tile floor. Murdering someone on a carpet surface is not recommended because it makes it more tough and difficult to clean up. Effectively killing someone is important because if you manage to wound someone but not actually cause them any lethal harm, they can report you to the police and you’ll be done for. Learning about the different ways to murder someone is important because it’ll educate you about how murderers will kill someone, and knowing this information will get us a better understanding of how they work.

When you go to murder someone, disguising yourself and choosing the right attire to wear is an essential part of the process. The first thing you need to worry about is not leaving any tracks behind, like your fingerprints. You can either wear gloves, put clear nail polish on your fingertips, or both. Make sure to cover as much skin as possible because not only will it reduce the risk of leaving tracks behind, but it’ll also disguise you further from eyewitnesses or cameras.

Another essential part to disguising yourself is picking out the right clothes to wear. Try and wear clothes that’ll make you appear bigger, and try and make those clothes as indistinguishable and dark as you can. You should also wear a different style brand of clothes that you never use. For example, if you usually wear Nike, then try wearing Adidas or Puma clothes when you murder your victim. For your feet, wear shoes that are a different size than yours, and use a brand of shoes that you would never normally wear.

For your face, you can either wear a ski mask of some sort, or you can mislead the police even more by wearing a wig, makeup, glasses if you don’t have any (or vice versa), color changing eye contacts, etc. Also make sure to wear a different deodorant and perfume/cologne because police dogs have a very keen nose, so it’s crucial to remember to change your scent. You should also try and act/ move in ways that you usually don’t behave like. For example, you could try using your nondominant hand, walk with a limp, act like you have a disease, etc.

Finally, the last tip that you should follow: don’t bring any electronics. This may be pretty obvious, but some people have been stupid enough to bring their phones or cameras with them. Take their examples as a lesson to you to not bring your phone. If you bring your phone, the police can track you down, forcing you to either go to prison or become a runaway fugitive, and both of those options don’t sound very appealing. If you absolutely need to bring your phone to, say, call your getaway, use a burner phone and dispose of it immediately afterward.

Disguising yourself is important because it makes it so that if there’s any eyewitnesses or people nearby who may have seen you on the way to the murder scene, they won’t recognize you, and they wouldn’t be able to pin you down and make you spend the rest of your days behind bars. Understanding how murderers disguise themselves will make it easier to spot them, which could very well save your life one day. So, word of advice: if you see anyone acting differently, or if you see that they’re obviously in costume, then avoid them at all costs. Of course, they could just be doing it for fun or drag, but better safe than sorry, right?