Scavenger Hunt Analysis Essay

1.Two companies who use Six Sigma? Ford and General Electric are two companies that use Six Sigma.

2.3 of John Kotter’s books. List the names and tell which book you would be most interested in reading and why. The names of the three books are, Our Iceberg is Melting, The Heart of Change, and Leading Change. I would like to read The Heart of Change. Every person has the potential to make a difference, at home, at work, at church. The book focuses on people who made a difference for an organization. As I work in philanthropy I want to make a difference, I want to have a legacy that makes a change in other’s life and other generations to come.

3.A major organization (more than 250 employees) that you consider to be a learning organization (based on the definition learned in this course). Explain why Publix is a learning organization. The definition of learning organization “ One that works to facilitate the lifelong and personal development of all its employees while continually transforming itself to respond to changing demands and needs.” (Griffin, 2014, p.174).

Publix takes an interest in promoting within and management consists of people that worked their way up the company ladder. They keep up with technology and social media in order to bring awareness to their brand and as a result they create a healthy work environment that employees take pride to be a part of.

4.A news article that discusses a situation where the rational decision making process could have been used.

5.The different ways communication takes place (think technological and no technological) in the organization where you work a. ask three people the ways communication takes place in the organizations where they work (you must have 4 different organizations)

•Stephanie Troughton former employee of The South Florida Science Museum informed me that the preferred method of communication is weekly meetings. Email is used for informal request; however, planning and leading takes place in the assigned weekly meetings.

•Aaron Friedlander employee of Ocwen, which is a mortgage servicing company that operate worldwide. Their preferred method of communication is electronic. Due to the distance and the difference in time from the different branches, this method works best for them.

•Misael Brito employee of Hypower Inc. which is an electrical contracting company. Their preferred method of communication is weekly meetings and daily call. Hypower, has employees out in the field and they communicate via text and phone calls in order to coordinate the purchase of materials and inspections.

•Marion Brito employee of the Palm Beach County Food Bank. The food bank has weekly management meetings and monthly all staff meetings. However, the day t day operations are handled via email.

6. Contact, by phone, one of the personnel / hiring / human resources departments and find out if they have a formal process for career development (be sure to include the steps you used to find the contact information, who you spoke with and your findings)

•I first called Office Depot, but they refuse to provide information over the phone. •Starbucks has an automated system was impossible to talk to a live person.

•Publix – Greg Howell directed me to the Publix website for the information. The website states “The Education, Training and Development (ETD) team creates on-the-job training programs for a variety of associates, including processes for retail hourly associates, technical and operational training for managers and leadership training for the company’s executives. Training Specialists facilitate training classes and workshops to deliver technical, general management, leadership and cultural change courses to Publix managers at all levels. Additionally, they deliver training necessary for the implementation of innovations at Publix”

7.Find a news article about a change occurring in an organization or identify a personal change that is occurring. Apply Lewin’s change model to the situation. Specifically describe each of the three steps in relation to the situation. Lewin’s Model consist on unfreeze, change, freeze.