Summary: The Importance Of Prisoners In Prisons Essay

Should prisoners serving life sentences for first degree murder be eligible for a parole hearing after 15 years? They shouldn’t. Criminals who hold life sentences for murder, rape, and kidnapping should stay in a jail cell. Without even the slightest chance of getting out. To many factors fall into play and the subject can only run deeper and deeper. These convicts were brutal in the outside world, and after taking their first step in a penitentiary it only gets worse. Their mental state crumbles, eventually leaving them hard wired to live in a dangerous environment.

Being prosecuted for such terrible crimes, doesn’t happen just once for these people, and American citizens do not want these fist degree murderers set free in their communities. Prisoners who are in prison for a long time are not the same people. The moment the prosecution starts they start to lose it. Its human nature to into a state of mind to protect yourself when there’s thousands of people putting you under a microscope, but they do not need sympathy. The crimes they have committed are serious and for them to commit them in the first place has to show some mental illness from the start.

After the trials are said and done, entering prison seals the deal. All they know is prison. Being surrounded with the same kind of people eventually makes them animals. Brain dead without control of their actions. They forget their morals completely and lose right of humanity. A parole hearing is just that pass free card to them. They’re desperate and will do anything necessary to get out those walls and sin. Our prisons are not the most brutal and stressful places compared to other countries, but they still break criminals into staying criminals. The gang violence and social crimes like stealing, rape, gambling do not stop at the walls.

If anything, it runs deeper. If they cannot handle and abide by the laws/ morals of the communities they once lived in before. How can we expect them to handle it when they exit such a terrible place? Being mentally unstable causes these criminals to act without thinking. Does the government really want to give prisoners a second shot at murder? Government officials would hold that negative responsibility like a burden. We can keep these things under wraps by simply prohibiting parole hearings after 15 years, or even shorter than that time span. Because after 5 years people in prison are usually there for good.

It’s too much trauma to handle and it leads to psychotic breakdowns. What happens to the peoples trust if a deranged man or woman is released into the community? Fear will definitely spread and even if a criminal had a sudden change of heart the citizens will drive him crazy enough to do something again. There is no direction of win, when it comes to giving a second chance to a murderer or rapist. Doing so would be rolling the dice on people’s lives. The negatives clearly cancel out. If the crime is not directly committed by the prisoner released, the people are rarely likely to push until that comes. You cannot mix animal with society.

No matter the situation. In 2008 Dominic Cinelli went to The Massachusetts Parole Board pleading he was a changed man. Four months later the board voted to free Cinelli, even after being charged 3 consecutive life sentences. A week after being released Dominic Cinelli fatally shot Woburn police officer John Maguire while robbing a Kohl’s Department Store. Cinelli had a lengthy rap sheet, had chronic disciplinary problems while in prison, and still won the board over. We are supposed to unite together and be the invisible wall that protects the average citizen. The government cannot keep repeating history with this serious of a subject.

This case should’ve been shot down from the start, the evidence was clear as day that this man could not be trusted and obviously had some sort of mental disorder. Releasing a prisoner not only endangers the line of trust between the community and the government, but also the citizen’s lives. American citizens do not want to see criminals being released, especially for murder. Keeping them locked away is the only way to prevent homicides from accumulating. Imag e constantly letting out criminals to commit more crimes and all the attention it would bring to do the court.

How could Americans look at it as a justice system when the same problems keep repeating? The government is supposed to protect the rights of the people, but eventually we hit a barrier. We can’t allow violence to overthrow the system, even if that means losing some humanity and not giving second chances. Communities will not feel safe by doing otherwise, and living in fear will affect so many other elements in society. In today’s world, it is so easy to cover your tracks. Fake identities, fake social backgrounds, normal people wouldn’t be able to tell the good from the bad.

More than likely the court will first put them into witness protection, thus giving them even more aid to blend in with the norm. If the government does not change the grant of parole hearings after 15 years, average citizens will. They will strike out and force an overruling. The majority of people vote that the years should be minimal to secure a parole hearing and that some crimes should automatically be excluded. Murder should definitely be a crime that is excluded automatically from parole hearings, at least to the first degree. Minor charges like theft and robbery should be considered by the Parole Board but not automatic.

We can make things more assuring by testing these individuals. In factors like their social skills and behavior around other people. To pretty much give us some foundation that they are humane people and don’t have any internal issues. Then we can move forward into deciding whether or not they belong in every day society. Bottom line, prisoners who commit a murder should never get a parole hearing. People should be all for keeping murderers, rapists, and kidnappers in a jail cell. For the safety of our citizens and our great country. Criminals lose their minds in the free world and then their soul in a penitentiary.

We cannot be at fault for more lives lost. First degree murder is written in stone and should not be overlooked. They are in prison for a reason and we cannot forget that. Sometimes we have to look past our humanity for the greater good/protection of others. Situations like Dominic Cinelli should not be a part of our history. Justice Minister Rob Nicholson is moving forward, telling reporters he wants to deny convicted murderers a chance for early parole. “Tories say no to murderers”. Let’s all take a stand and change the ruling of parole hearings. To crimes less extreme and people who deserve it.