Summary: The Negative Effects Of The Fast Food Industry Essay

The Purpose of this essay is to inform the consumers and the U. S Department of Health and Human Services the negative effects of the fast food industry. Eric Schlosser wrote the book “Chew on This” in 2006, to open oblivious people eyes and show them the truth about the fast food industry. The U. S Department of Health and Human Services should know how the fast food industries has a negative impact towards the community. They manipulate kids by using advertisements, violating animal rights and their is human health concerns we should be aware of.

Animal cruelty in the fast-food industry is a common problem that is violating animal rights. Since the fast food industries wanted to make more money, an easy way that they did that was by feeding them as quickly and cheaply as possible. Therefore, they feed them leftover meat, fat, blood and bones from other chicken slaughter house. The author’s Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson states “Chickens that die from a heart attacks have been stuck by “flip over disease”. It is most likely caused by gaining too much weight too fast… Chickens don’t eat other chickens.

They prefer grass. These chickens will never see grass in their entire lives” (176-178). This evidence proves my point because these animals are being fed so much to get fatten in little time that they catch a disease that kills them. They should not be killed over what the companies are feeding them and they should not be fed parts of other animals. The industries are changing the way these animals eat, making them turn cannibals. In the wild these chickens never eat other chickens. They ate grass, but these poor animals don’t even get to see the grass.

It is absurd because they should be able to see the sunlight at least once a week. These animals are not just food, they are a living creature and we need to treat them with the rights they deserve. Not only does the food industry gets the animals sick but these animals are getting humans sick too. The fast food industries show no consideration in the consumer’s health, if they making money it won’t matter to them. Since they wanted to more more money, they thought of a cheap way to feed cattles. The fed them left over meat and blood of other cattle for protein.

This was a big impact on human’s health. The author states, “ On March, 1996, the British health secretary announced that eating meat from a cattle with mad cow disease did indeed pose a risk to people. It could cause an incurable illness, a human form a mad cow disease that destroyed a person’s brain”. Mad cow disease killed thousands of people in the UK and more in other places in the world. These were the terrible consequences that the fast food industries caused to humans because they just wanted to make more profit.

They showed no interest on humans health. Proving my point that these inhumane corporations only think about the money even if their products are killing and getting people sick. Their meat can contain antibiotics, growth hormones, and disease that can’t be cleaned out. People should be aware of their own health and their children because these industries waste millions of dollars trying to target the young ones too eat their food. The fast food industry uses a lot of money for advertisements to manipulate people, mostly kids unfairly.

They aim mostly at kids because they can’t understand the real purpose of ads and trust that everything an ads says are true. The book Chew On This claims “Far from banned, Tv advertising aimed at kids is how broadcast twenty-four hours a day on some channel… Children now see a junk food ad every 5 minutes while watching TV and see about 3 hours of junk food ads every week. ” This is important because these food corporations are brainwashing children so that they could buy their sources.

It is wrong to produce such ads for young children because they don’t know how unhealthy these foods are. The idea of banning these advertisements are being strongly opposed by toy companies, television networks, and major advertising agency. These ads are targeting children so that they can earn more money, but, they are getting them very unhealthy. I understand that the fast food industry is trying to make money, but there is better ways than to brainwash kids, mistreat animals and there being human health concerns.

A law that the government should enforce is stop animal cruelty and close down the fast food industries that are making people sick. Another solution to these problems that the community should do is fight the system for animal rights and the close down all the manipulating ads towards kids. Finally, another solution to this problem I could do is spread the word and talk about all these negative act the fast food industries has made. Together we can make a change to help our community and fight for these poor animal rights.