The American dream

The American dream is something that changes from person to person and from one time period to another. This is mine. I do not think these are the only things that people want out of life. We all want most of the same things but certain things change that what makes us unique.

I want to be prosperous but i also want to be happy, which is a teetering seesaw. I would like to not feel trapped in a job, but if the pay is good it might make up for some of the disgust of the job. Money buys options in life, it fixes things and gets new ones. Money isn’t necesarily the path to hapiness, but it sure makes it softer. I guess I could be ill guided and naive about working because i haven’t done much of it.

One thing that we all worry about is our safety, even if it is not admited. I don’t want to ever have to look over my shoulder to see if i’m being stalked or somethng. I don’t want to have to worry about if my car is safe or if that car in the other lane is gonna swerve into my lane. Safety is peace of mind, which is lacking I think.

I want to be free to do whatever I choose to do. This means I do not want others to control and corrupt my life, which is hard in this day and age. Freedom to do anything within reason, just as long as I do not overstep my boundries and violate others rights. It also includes my freedom of speech, which is only part of the equation. There is also the thought, “Freedom at what cost?”. Who knows I do not know.

I condensed everything I thought to be the American dream into broadband subject as best I could. They may seem a little cramped and crude, but this is only one page, not a book. What i’m trying to say is that it is not perfect, nothing is.

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