The Black Cat Essay

The Black Cat is a short story written by Edgar Allan Poe. The story tells of a man who was once good friends with a black cat, until the day he decided to hang it. The main character becomes consumed in guilt and tries many different ways to hide his murders from everyone else, however he is never successful. In The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe, the narrator tells a story about how he was once a good man who would never hurt anyone, but because of a cat, he ended up becoming a murderer.

The main character goes from being someone who is always calm and kind to becoming someone who is tormented because of his dark secret. The story The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe tells the tale of killing an innocent animal and also killing another person. The protagonist starts out as wealthy and respected member of society, however leads himself into eternal damnation because he could not control his urges. The short story The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe shows how sacrificing one’s sanity can lead to gruesome acts such as murder.

The Black Cat begins with the narrator telling the reader about his past, which was once filled with happiness and joy. The main character tells the reader that he had always been a kind-hearted person who loved animals. The protagonist’s home was always filled with pets because he cared for them so much. The first pet the man ever received as a child was a dog name Pluto. The main character claims to have loved Pluto more than any other animal in the world; this matches up with many other stories written by Edgar Allan Poe about people’s love for their pets (Poe 8).

The author often includes messages like this in his literature because he doesn’t want the readers to forget how important animals are to their owners (Collins 22). The next pet that enters into The Black Cat is another dog named Jupiter. The protagonist claims that he loved Jupiter just as much as Pluto because of his “gentle caresses” (Poe 8). The main character goes on to state that one day, something horrible would happen between him and his cats. The narrator says they were not the same after what happened with Pluto, for some reason they stopped coming around to see him.

The story The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe tells about how the main character looked back upon his life during this time period in order to find out why he punished them so terribly. The next pet mentioned in The Black Cat is another cat named Tiger. The protagonist states that he was happy when Tiger moved into the neighborhood because it meant more animals for him to care for. The main character goes on to state that his love for animals did not stop at the pets he owned.

The protagonist said that when he walked through the streets of Philadelphia, he was always looking down so he could see some animal and pet it while walking by. The main character tells the reader about a time when he saw a dog being pulled on a sled during winter time. The man stopped to pet this actual dog, but the owner of the canine became angry with him for doing so because they were in a hurry to get home from work (Poe 8). The author changes up the way The Black Cat story is told from previous stories written by Edgar Allan Poe.

In The Black Cat short story, Edgar Allan Poe uses many different descriptions for seemingly small things. The author uses this style of writing to really grab the reader’s attention and make them feel like they are there with the characters. The author even went as far as to tell The Black Cat story in first-person narrative so that the audience could see exactly what was going through his mind at all times. The main character states that he would go around town every day searching for animals who needed help, but he never once saw a dog or cat that was being abused by their owners, just neglected.

The protagonist tells the readers that neglecting an animal is just as bad as abusing it because no animal should have to live with these conditions (Poe 10). The protagonist goes on to say that if one person saw another human abusing an animal, they should do something about it. The protagonist believes that if it was not for his wife’s interference, he would have killed one of the cats in The Black Cat short story by Edgar Allan Poe (Poe 11). The main character claims to love animals more than humans because they cannot defend themselves against people who treat them wrongly.

The short story The Black Cat tells about how even little things can change a person’s personality completely by changing their view on pets and how important they are to us. The protagonist states that there is nothing worse than when someone hates an animal without having any good reason for doing so (Poe 12). The main character tells the readers that this hatred could be caused by jealousy or just pure anger. The protagonist says that when a person hates an animal without good reason, it is just like hating the whole species (Poe 12).

The main character really makes The Black Cat story by Edgar Allan Poe clear on how he believes people should treat animals. The author of The Black Cat short stories wants his audience to know exactly what type of relationship they should have with these pets. The main character continues to tell the readers about another one of his cats named Pluto. The protagonist claimed that during their time together, Pluto was never afraid of him at all (Poe 14). The main character goes on to say that even though he had always loved this cat dearly, there was always something wrong with him.

The narrator states that whenever he would go to pet Pluto, the cat would sometimes cower away or hiss at him (Poe 14). The main character also tells The Black Cat short story by Edgar Allan Poe about how he would make a point to lock all three of his cats in separate rooms because they all hated each other and did not get along. The main character goes on to say that even though there was no reason for it, one day he had an urge to pull out a knife and stab the gray tabby kitten (Poe 16). The protagonist claims that after this happened, he felt like he had been set free from something that was holding him back.

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