The Fall Of The Wall Analysis Essay

Fifteen to sixteen years after World War Two, which was about 1960-1961 the Berlin Wall was built to separate East and West Berlin Germany. West Berlin was controlled by the United States, France, and the United Kingdom. East Berlin was controlled by the Soviet Union.
People had many attempts to go over the wall. one man even tried to inch his way across a tightrope. Putting one hand in front of the other. Thanks to the man’s aerobic skill he made his way completely across the wall. Another attempt was by using a speeding train. The engineer had six other passengers on the train when attempting to go from East Berlin to West Berlin simply just the speed of the train forced the wall down and they made it through the wall. One other attempt was going over the wall with a hot air balloon. They simply floated over the wall. All of these ways were good ideas to get over the wall….

Gillian is an American living in Berlin Germany who is a foriegn exchange student. The student says she and some friends were just hanging out when they heard that there was permission to tear down the wall. They didn’t believe that, so they rushed outside to see what was going on. Gillian took pictures of the wall being torn down. The students never would have thought that this would ever happen. People were being reunited. Gillian saw two old women who hadn’t seen each other for 28 years hug in the middle of no-man’s…