The Giver Book Report Essay

Jonas’s world is perfect. There is no war or fear or pain. There are no choices. Every person is assigned a role in the Community. When Jonas turns twelve, The Elders take him from his family and send him to The Receiver: an old man who teaches him about The past — a time when there was The Giver and The Receiver — and The Community . The Giver reveals to Jonas all the memories and colors he can recall, and for the first time in his life Jonas experiences The Joys of The River and The Hillside.

But when The Elders unveil their plan to take away everyone’s memories — a little at a time — it is The Receiver who helps Jonas realize that The Community is not as perfect as it seems, and he must make an important decision: to remain in The Community knowing that pain and war could return, or leave behind The Giver, whom he has come to love like a father ,and embrace The real world. The novel opens with an eleven-year-old boy named Jonas. He lives in what appears to be a perfect world. The story begins with Jonas’ receiving his life assignment, at the Ceremony of Twelve.

The Elders have selected him to become a Receiver of Memory. The Giver explains that in the time before them, human beings used all four senses: Touch, Taste, Sight and Hearing. The memories he will receive from The Giver (Who was The Receiver before him) will be by memory alone and not experience; they will only see what The Giver has seen and hear what The Giver has heard. He is warned that there are painful memories in this world and for this reason no one should ever be a Receiver of Memory until it is time. The novel concludes when Jonas decides to leave The Community to experience all aspects of The World.

The Giver is dying and he knows that The Receiver will come after him, but The Receiver cannot be The Giver because The Giver must live on to pass the memories along. The novel explores a world where there are no choices, emotions or pain. The reward for conformity is peace of mind and comfort, while the cost is complete loss of individuality and risk of falling into an emotionless stupor. The Giver by Lois Lowry tells the story about how Jonas has grown up in this world where everything is perfect with no war, pain ,or fear . When he turns 12 years old The Elders choose him to become The Receiver .

He goes through training with The Giver who teaches him about their past called The Memories . The Giver shows Jonas all The Colors and The Joys of The World. However The Community decides to take away the memories because The Elders say too many painful experiences are out there . They give everyone sleeves that take away their memory slowly. The story picks up with Jonas leaving his society to experience The World that has everything to offer, but nothing good at all. He leaves The Community knowing he can’t be The Receiver anymore so he will have to live alone without any memories.

I highly recommend this novel for others because it is something different than most novels people read which ultimately makes it so special. Not only is it filled with action throughout the whole story,but also suspense when you just want to keep reading on and on. So if you are looking for a different novel The Giver is the best one out there. To conclude The Giver by Lois Lowry is an action-filled novel with suspense throughout the whole story. The Receiver of Memory goes through The Community training where he learns about The Memories which are all of The Colors and The Joys that once existed.

The Community decides to take away everyone’s memory slowly because too many painful experiences are out there, but they don’t realize how much good memories hold over pain. The Receiver leaves his society knowing he can’t be The Receiver anymore so he will have to live alone without any memories at all. I recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure, action, and suspense because you won’t want to stop reading The Giver. The novel is full of excitement and you won’t even realize how much time has passed by until you finish the book.

The Giver by Lois Lowry is a novel about a young boy named Jonas. The community he lives in has no pain, war, crime, fear or even colors. The only thing separating them from utopia is memories of the past. The protagonist must learn to accept his fate and face reality as it is – not how it should be – because The Giver has been chosen to be the next Receiver of Memory. The book The Giver by Lois Lowry is a very interesting yet also very thought-provoking novel that children and young adults can all relate to.

The author, Lois Lowry, wrote The Giver as a sequel to her first beloved book, Gathering Blue. The Giver takes place in a community where everything seems perfect – there are no wars or conflicts because their society values peace above everything else – but there’s a catch: The members of this society have no idea what pain, war, loss or even colors are. The memories of these experiences make up the things that makes us human and keeps our species from evolving into something that may not be beneficial for our environment.

The characters in The Giver are all extremely well-developed and very interesting. The protagonist, Jonas, is a twelve year old boy who has never experienced any of the negative emotions that The Giver tries to give him. The book The Giver by Lois Lowry is told in third person so the reader can get into the minds of other people besides just Jonas throughout his journey.

The story starts with Jonas receiving his career assignment at the Ceremony where he’s informed that he has been chosen to become The Receiver of Memory. This job requires him to receive all memory from The Giver which includes colors, pain, happiness and loss. Even though this sounds like an extraordinary opportunity it also comes with its downfalls once someone becomes The Receiver of Memory. The Giver is an extremely touching novel with a great message about loss and life’s experiences.

The book The Giver by Lois Lowry is perfect for children and young adults because it takes place in a world of innocence which makes you appreciate your surroundings even more than before. The author uses great imagery throughout The Giver so the reader can easily imagine their surroundings as well as feel how Jonas does throughout his journey. The only con to this novel was the occasional slow parts but they were over quickly so it didn’t affect my rating much at all.

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