The Open Window Analysis Essay

In this world honesty and respect play an important role in the daily functions of lives. Without these two important characteristics it can cause conflicts and chaos within humanity. In the short stories “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell, “The Open Window” by Saki, and “A sound Of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury demonstrates how honesty and respect is fundamental within a society. Respect and honesty are essential characteristics if you want to avoid conflicts and it’s also forms you into a better person.

In essence, in our society mankind demonstrates respect and honesty in various ways, Richard Connell uses specific phrases and tones to show how honesty and respect is necessary and useful in a society. In “The dangerous Game” in lines 16-23 Rainsford and Whitney has a disagreement about hunting, which sets a serious tone about respect for animals. In lines 16-17 when Rainsford referred to hunting as ‘ The best sport in the world” Whitney responds “for the hunter… not the jaguar”. In their conversation she expresses her appreciation and sensitivity based on how she thinks the jaguar feels.

With that being said, Whitney believes that animals don’t enjoy hunting like humans do. Since animals are the ones receiving all the pain while humans get all the glory. The remarks that Whitney says to Rainsford shows how honest she is and the respect she has towards animals. Farther in their conversation whitney says in lines 22-23, “ I rather think they understand one thing fear. The fear of pain and the fear of death. ” With that in mind, Whitney showed remorse and mercy for the jaguar, she believes they fear death and pain because they are also living things and they can feel pain as much as humans do.

Deeper in the story, Rainsford meets General Zaroff, who hunts humans instead of animals (lines 165-330). Rainsford first thought it was a “grisly joke” then realized General Zaroff is serious he refers to his ways as “murder”. Richard Connell uses this to phrases to show his honesty and respect toward mankind. To sum it up, Rainsford and Whitney both were honest when standing up for what they believe in and showed respect for livings things in their society even if they took sides for two different types of species.

Furthermore, in “The Open Window” Saki uses a “very self-possessed young lady… ” named Vera to show how being dishonest and disrespectful can have a big impact on other humanbeings. In the beginning Vera meets Framton Nuttel who is trying to overcome a nerves problem. She lies and tells Mr. nuttle that her aunt Mrs. sappleton had a “ great tragedy happened just three years ago” then Vera goes into details saying that “… her husband and two brothers went off for their daily shooting.

They never came back… That is why the window is kept open every evening till it is dusk. (lines 35-45). The fake story that Vera told Mr. Nuttel wasn’t a respectful thing to do and made it hard for him to control his nerves. In lines 77 when Mrs. Sappleton “here they are at last! ” Framton “shivered slightly” and swung his seat in a “chill shock of nameless fear” looking in the direction of where they were coming from. Framton ends up “wildly” grabbing his stick and hat and running out of Mrs. sappleton house. With that being said, Vera affected Mr. Nuttel in a negative way because instead of his curing his nerves problem he left in a worse condition.

Where he might not ever be able to cure his condition or it might be even harder to do so. In “ A Sound Of Thunder” Ray Bradbury shows that when being honest it’s good to give the whole truth without holding anything back. When Eckels was going to the past the “ man behind the desk” was very clear on the risks he was taking going on this trip. When the man tells Eckels to “sign this release. Anything happens to you, were not responsible.

Those dinosaurs are hungry. ” then goes on saying “… six safari leaders were killed last year and a dozen hunters. Moreover, the man behind the desk was being utterly honest with Eckel with holding anything back for example when he says “those dinosaurs are hungry” and informs Eckel how many safari leaders and hunters died on this trip. The man does this so that Eckel will know that there’s an vast chance of death. As you can see the honesty and respect that you show a person could effect a person in deep way like how Vera affected Framton in a way where it may be even harder from him to cope with or even try to find help for his problem again.

Also when giving information it’s good to utterly honest and clear so the person that’s getting the information would clearly understand. In conclusion, honesty and respect play an important role in the daily functions of lives. Richard Connell, Saki, and Ray Bradbury indicates that by the specific phrases and tones used in their short stories. They revealed that honesty and respect has a great impact on a civilization whether its potent or negative. Today our society needs more people has the traits of being honest and respectful because the outcome is priceless.