The Pursuit Of Happiness Essay

What’s the purpose of life? What’s the meaning of life? Is purpose of life to pursuit happiness throughout one’s life? Happiness in life is directly related to having a specific purpose and interaction with others. the pursuit of happiness is a part of the american dream, every American and future citizens of America from other countries dream of it. The concept of happiness come from many places, starting in ancient times. A English philosopher named John Locke “coining the phrase pursuit of happiness in his book in Essay Concerning Human Understanding”.

But he was influenced by Greek philosophers, the Aristotle. Later the famous quote everyone know from the Declaration of Independence, “the inalienable right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Written by Thomas Jefferson he incorporated the phrase pursuit of happiness from John Locke. According to (“Merriam Webster’), happiness means the state of being happy or experience that makes you happy. In other words whatever brings you joy and pleasure or satisfaction is happiness.

The purpose of life is the intention you would like to have and to show your life standing. Meaning if happiness is the way of your life then proceed with what you’re doing to be in the state of happiness. “Happiness is enshrined as the central purpose of life and goal according to” (“Aristotle”). More or less the state of being happy purpose is to portray the intention of having a great life by pursuit happiness. The following quote from by Pierre Gassendi he writes; “Happiness and Misery are the names of two extremes, the utmost bound where we know not…

But of some degrees of both, we have very lively impressions, made by several instances of Delight and Joy on the one side and Torment and Sorrow on the other; which, for shortness sake, I shall comprehend under the names of Pleasure and Pain, there being pleasure and pain of the Mind as well as the Body… Happiness then in its full extent is the utmost Pleasure we are capable of, and Misery the utmost pain”. (1894, p. 258) In this statement Happiness is understood to have an opposing side which is misery. This portray the concept of having ups and downs.

Knowing misery comes with sorrow and torture in life make you really understand the purpose of happiness. Reasoning is because no one does not want to be tied down by all the negative in life to make you feel down. With the happiness side you are able to be uplifted and feel all the positive factors and enjoy what life has in sorted. The factors of misery is always need to make you realize how happiness can bring the good, excitement, and enjoyment that one come bring. Interaction or basically any contact of any source can bring happiness to a person’s life.

Happiness in one’s life could come from anything, in the Aristotle text it say, “happiness depends on ourselves”. This is true because not everyone experience happiness in the same way as others. Some may receive it from goals, workplace, friends and family, etc. As stated by finding (“Happiness News; 20 Ways To Achieve Happiness In Life”), some basic things that help achieve happiness are “count your blessings, reconnecting with your childhood dreams, helping someone, spending more quality time with your loved ones, know yourself, and accept yourself”. First one count your blessing is to understand and appreciate what has been given to you.

Knowing the blessing is happiness because the blessing is benefit you by th solving a problem that the lord has fix for you. Second reconnecting with your childhood is a result of happiness because things you may have lost site of from your childhood that brought pleasure could be regain to have that excitement once again. Most adults lose the things that excite them but everyone has that little child in them that still need those things that brought them happiness. Third helping someone can tied back to court your blessings by knowing the good you do for someone else’s is a way to fulfill your blessing.

Another reason is that knowing that you could help someone life be easier is a source of happiness. Fourth spending more quality time with loved one, is one of the most important thing. Knowing that family and friends are there having your back is a great feeling. The happiness of this is that no matter what you can also count on love ones to cheer you up or make your day. Fifth knowing yourself, make you know that understanding what make you happy is a key factor of pursuing life in a lifespan. Sixth accepting yourself, the most important thing.

Yourself is what contracts to be happy and blocking out other is necessary. Love yourself no matter how you feel about yourself, because at the end of the day it’s about you and you please yourself and what you done positive for you. Not just thinking only you but of you. In the important of life, it says ” if we think only our own, personal life is important, we will feel as if we are the center of the universe, expecting the world to revolve around us. Then we will be as if we are standing alone on a mountain top, looking at things and people from a distance, separate from them.

Our mind will be standing in a remote place, limited to a small space”. sometimes in order to find something you’re looking for then you have to be separated to insure the pleasure you’re looking for. Finishing the quote above, “So when we come down from the mountain of self-importance, down to reality of life’s true importance, we can go anywhere. Life will have no limitations and mind no limits. To know the real meaning of life’s importance is to know how to extend practice into daily life”. when that state of happiness is