The star

The universe has no purpose and no plan that since a hundred suns explode every year in our galaxy, at this very moment some race is dying in the depths of the space. Whether that race done good or evil during its lifetime will make no difference in the end: there is no divine justice, for there is no God. I would love to believe that when I die I will live again, that some part of e will continue. Bu as much as I want to believe that, I know of nothing to suggest that it is more than wishful thinking. Of various arguments made for the existence of a supreme being, theres only one that I think deserves serious attention.

Its called The Argument from Design, and basically runs like this: If you examine a watch, you would be very likely to conclude that somebody made it, because it is such a complex object. It would seem to be very unreasonable to consider that it could have happened by any conceivable kind of chance or event: an intelligent kind of being must have made it. Similarly, if you examine the Universe, and the amazing things in it, such as living things, you find such complexity that it would seem that it must have been made so.

Purely random process could not have generated the incredible complexity of a microbe. Let alone human beings, and the Universe. Even if the Universe was designed by a God there is no way to know if this god endorses any particular religion, or it any of the characteristics assigned to it by that or any other religion-such as requiring us to worship and price it. If I created some artificial universe, say a computer simulation- why ever would I want my little forms to worship me? Where as in the concept of religion Heaven for the chosen few, and Hell for the majority of human kind.

Why should billons of souls suffer eternal torment who never even heard of that particular god, or for having thought deeply and having concluded, as rationally as they could, that this particular religion couldnt be right? The punishment is way out of proportion to the crime, and frankly sounds like it came from some very mean-spirited people, rather than any truly loving and merciful god. Religion is pretty much the ultimate ad-campaign, using the most extreme carrot-and-stick approach imaginable. Believe it and your reward will be Heaven (after you die): reject it and your soul will suffer eternal torment in Hell.

Certain religions are quiet insistent that their religion is true one, and that others are nothing more that superstition or cults: and that all non believers of their faith are doomed to eternal torment in Hell. This seems to me to be worst form of tribalism, and the hate perpetrated against non-believers only serves to contradict the supposed message of love and mercy attributed to their deity. They claim moral superiority, yet are dangerously close to repeating the sins of Hitlers Nazism. Theres not much difference between Hell and the gas chamber, is there?

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