Vapor4life E Cigar Case Study Essay

These days, all Vapor4Life E-Cigar products are available for sale at a discount of 10%. In order to get this discount, choose your favorite E-Cigar product and enter its coupon code as you check out to buy the item for an economical price. How to redeem E-Cigar Coupon Codes?

Redeeming the discount is quite easy, simply choose the desired E-Cigar product and click on its coupon code to buy the item for a discounted price. What is Vapor4Life E-Cigar? Vapor4Life E-Cigar is basically a personal vaporizer which simulates the feeling of smoking a Cuban cigar when the user vapes by using its mouthpiece. It is battery-powered and contains special prefilled cartomizer to generate full-bodied vapor with Cuban cigar taste.

The E-Cigar provides an authentic taste of Cuban cigars and comes with three different flavors, such as the Muduro, Ligero and Cubana blend. A basic Vapor4Life E-Cigar kit contains a battery, 3 cartomizers, wall adapter, charging cable and a car adapter, so that the user can enjoy the smoking sensation at any time or place with ease. How is it used?

In order to use the Vapor4Life E-Cigar, a person first needs to charge the battery before first use by using the wall adapter. After recharge, the user has to connect the battery with the desired flavored cartomizer to make it an E-Cigar. Once the virtual cigar is ready for use, the owner has to inhale through the mouthpiece which in turn will generate a huge cloud of vapor with traditional cigar taste to give a throat hit for satisfying the smoking needs of the user. Brief Introduction to E-Cigar Products

Vapo4Life sells a range of E-Cigar products, the details of famous products are as follows: 1.Electronic Cigar Kit This handy kit is ideal for people who want to get rid of tobacco cigarettes as its E-Cigar offers an authentic cigar taste with a nice throat hit through a huge cloud of vapor. It offers three Cuban cigar flavors and comes with a long-lasting battery, 3 prefilled cartomizers, charging cable, USB wall adapter and car adapter. 2.Blank E-Cigar King Cartomizer 5-Pack

These 5 cartomizers allow buyers to fill them up with 3.5ml of Vapor4Life e-liquids and save money as a single cartomizer cost relatively higher than the pack of 5. These high-quality cartomizers are available in black, blue, green, cigar and magenta colors. 3.E-Cigar King Maduro E-Liquid

Madura is a mild flavored e-liquid for casual cigar smokers, it is a bit spicy, but still the lightest flavor of the other two flavors. The e-liquid is available in three different nicotine strengths, i.e. 0%, 1.8% and 3.6%. Why should I buy it?

Being one of the best vaporizers with a unique Cuban cigar’s flavor, this product is certainly worth buying. The throat hit of flavor and vapor production is outstanding which is a dream of every smoker to satisfy his vaping needs. With a long-lasting battery, innovative design, and three unique flavors; it is a must have for heavy smokers. Conclusion

All things considered, Vapor4Life E-Cigar products are highly impressive due to their high quality, real cigar like taste and design as well as authentic flavor. It is incredibly easy to use, as even a newbie can also vape with it easily by attaching the battery and cartomizer for creating an E-Cigar. With great flavors, exceptional quality and affordable price; the E-Cigar and other vaping products are certainly worth a try for heavy smokers. Discount Offer

Vapor4Life is offering a discount of 10% on all of its Vaping products. You must hurry up and buy your favorite E-Cigar product to take advantage of this discount offer. Simply choose your favorite E-Cigar and enter its coupon code while checking out to get the desired E-Cigar for a cut-price.