Wes Moore Compare And Contrast Essay

To be a father is not hard, but rather to act like a father needs time to demonstrate that. The father is the main source of income and dominant provider of the family. He settles on the significant family choices together with mother and with the assistance of different individuals. This is the customary part of the father. Fathers and moms have novel contrasts that make them have distinctive child rearing parts, that when joined, give the most far reaching model to help the child grow effectively.

Consequently, kids require both parents to help them build up the skills to help them assemble fruitful social relations, take part in dependable conduct, build up the confidence and abilities to be effective in school and to wind up plainly balanced emotionally, physically and mentally. Contrasting in the case of Wes Moore and the other Wes Moore the different models they had, assumed an extensive part in forming who they became… During their life Wes and other Wes Moore had different kind of problems like, financial difficulties, crisis of identity and safety.

First of all, the financial difficulties begin after Wes’ father died, and family relocated to the Bronx to live with his grandparents. They didn’t had enough cash to provide their life. Wes was too young to understand what it truly meant. Additionally, Joy was not adapting to the death of her husband well. Her parents offered for Joy and her kids to move in with them in their home in the Bronx. His grandparents had strict principles for their safety and protection, and Wes struggled in school.

He went to a private school called Riverdale Country School and his struggles came from not feeling a sense of belonging. Despite the fact that it was a school in the Bronx, Wes was still reminded how much poorer he was than his classmates. In spite of the fact that Wes Moore’s father passed on when he was exceptionally young, and was not around to parent him, the couple of recollections he had of him gave him a thought of what it intended to be a good man. Indeed, even from the little measure of information given on him, obviously Wes Moore senior was a good man.

He was there for his wife, helping her parent her kids until the finish of his life and he had an exceptionally strong, calming presence. Once, when Wes was only a little child, he hit his older sister, and his mom, who had been beaten by her past spouse, responded furiously to this. She yelled at Wes, until Wes’ father advised her that despite the fact that he expected to realize what was adequate and what was not, that reviling at a young boy wasn’t the best method for making a point. He went upstairs to talk with Wes himself, and in his presence the greater part of Wes’ tension discharged.

He couldn’t have felt more secure. Wes’ father started to clarify what Wes did wrong and why his mom was so furious. “Main Man, you can’t simply hit individuals, especially ladies. You should guard them, not battle them. Do you get it? ” Wes’ father shown Wes an incredibly important lesson that day, that helped him keep his cool in future circumstances and not respond with violence. Wes comprehended what a genuine man looked like, and could show himself after his father, regardless of the possibility that he remembered very little about him.

In contrast to Wes Moore’s father, the other Wes Moore’s father was not grounded man who was there for his family at all. He left Mary after Wes was born and was never there to help her parent him or even financially. Mary did not ever think that her child would meet his father, and it would have most likely been better he hadn’t. In any case, as fate would have it, Wes met his father, twice, and both circumstances his father didn’t know who he was. The first run through Wes met his father was the point at which he was moderately young.

It was at his grandma’s home, and he saw a man sitting on the couch, inclining dubiously to the side, his correct elbow supporting his body and his head about level against his shoulder. The strong smell of whiskey drifted from his clothes and pores. His father was clearly drunk or hung over, and was experiencing difficulty holding himself up. The smell of whiskey made Wes feel uncomfortable. As of now, there is a visible contrast between this memory of other Wes Moore’s father and Wes Moore’s father.

Wes Moore felt extremely safe around his father, and his father was being a good example in his memory, while the other Wes’ father is slamming on his grandmother’s couch, drunk and dirty. “The man on the couch looked toward Mary and asked who’s this? One of the most noticeably awful, most offending emotions on the planet must be for a parent not to recognize their own kid. As a good example, Wes’ father demonstrated Wes that it was alright to disrespect ladies, do drugs, not hold an appropriate employment, and not be there for his children.

Clearly, Wes’ father had a very bad influence at him. As we know from reading “How Do Fathers Fit in “, When children have fathers who are emotionally involved, it helps them to deal with bad emotions. Moreover, they tend to have better relationships with other children and behave less aggressively. Also according to reading “The Positive Impact of Youth Mentoring”, A mentor is someone who cares, respects, understands, helps, listen, advices and is there when we need him. In this case we can see the both mentors to Wes 1 and 2, who influence more are family to Wes 1 and Tony at Wes 2.

Both Wes 1 and 2 had crisis of identity, Wes had to familiarize to the strict rules set forward by his grandparents so as to keep them safe. However, another Wes’ tutor (Tony), attempted to his best to keep Wes far from the lifestyle he lived, yet he swung him to drug dealing and crime early on his life. He was tricked into drug game since he needed to make a couple bucks. With Wes’ sibling impact, pushed him to the same away. In any case he didn’t change like Wes 1 Moore did. He wasn’t protected in what he did. This was the reason he ends to the prison. In the Wes 2 Moore father’s part is missing more than Wes 1.

If he had a strict father or tutor (or grandfather like Wes 1). He shouldn’t end that way. In conclusion, having a father does not mean just having someone in home to call father. It means to have a person who helps, cares, understands and provides children to grow up healthy. So the same situation we have to the both fatherless Wes 1 and 2 Moore. Children need more than ever the presence and guidance of fathers in family life. Fathers have the responsibility to raise and care for a child and to take that young life and help it grow into a man of integrity.