What Does Education Mean To Me Essay

What Education Means To Me
Since my early childhood, education seemed like a “heavy” and utterly “serious” matter that my parents always talked about with regard to me. I was not then assured what that abstract term really means, or what value that it entails, but I was so far certain that I was destined to get it. A lot. As a seven years kid, who just started to read, I felt a bit awkward about educational challenges that my parents prepared for me. Moreover, I was puzzled and excited at the same time, as they confessed that they want me to go to the school. Undeniably, even though I could not understood fully what awaits for me, I perceived that receiving education would be unavoidable. Indeed, almost a decade upon I know for sure what value education entices, so I am willing to share my mature reflections on “what education means to me” within the following prompt.
First and foremost, I recognize education as a long-some, ever-going process through which a person gains precious knowledge of academic kind. Broadly speaking, it is not only about formal knowledge, as we know it, strictly organized per courses’ syllabus, but also values, morals, judgment, reasoning, critical thinking and, above all,…

It also helps in creating righteous attitudes, sustainable lifestyles and boosts overall improvement. While going into educational establishments, no matter, whether it is elementary class of graduation year of college, one raises one’s awareness about national history, constitutional rights, cultural history, national integration, environment and community development. It also assists in creating and developing individual awareness about the eternal human values and their role. I genuinely believe that there is no odd or pointless knowledge, as even information about non-living and living organisms, their existence within the…