What Does Education Mean To Me Essay

Since my early childhood, education seemed like a “heavy” and utterly “serious” matter that my parents always talked about with regard to me. I was not then assured what that abstract term really means, or what value that it entails, but I was so far certain that I was destined to get it. A lot. As a seven years kid, who just started to read, I felt a bit awkward about educational challenges that my parents prepared for me. Moreover, I was puzzled and excited at the same time, as they confessed that they want me to go to the school.

Undeniably, even though I could not understood fully what awaits for me, I perceived that receiving education would be unavoidable. Indeed, almost a decade upon I know for sure what value education entices, so I am willing to share my mature reflections on “what education means to me” within the following prompt. First and foremost, I recognize education as a long-some, ever-going process through which a person gains precious knowledge of academic kind.

Broadly speaking, it is not only about formal knowledge, as we know it, strictly organized per courses’ syllabus, but also values, morals, judgment, reasoning, critical thinking and, above all, maturity. It is a two-fold thing that is equally important both for personal growth and professional development. Consequently, when I remember about my education, I recall experiences, not the facts. I recall inspiring lecturers, professionals, tutors and friends, I recall my own flaws, mistakes and decisions that led to them.

As for my consideration, education is all about reckless exploring of the surrounding world, as it cannot be limited to the plain attendance of the elementary, middle, high school or college. Education cannot be limited to the getting the job afterwards, as focusing solely on the monetary rewards for one’s education will not anybody happy in the long run. I firmly believe that the richest experience one could ever receive is of the other kind. To confess, I have never been an “A” student, but I took immense joy in the entire cycle of my education.

I managed to try out a lot of extra-curriculum activities during my school years, as I am into sports and arts as well. I am deeply thankful for my mother and father, as they never put too much pressure on me so that I did my best, so that I really found what I love the most and pursued it on the long-life basis. Now I know that it an attitude of the healthy-minded person, who is willing to step further than harnessing writing, reading and counting arithmetics. Indeed all those basic skills are vital, but from the global standpoint, education can bring wellness to the entire country and its future.

Education is really critical to the notorious problem of reducing inequality and poverty all around the world. As for my opinion, education is necessary to improve the intrinsic dynamic growth of humans. It also helps in creating righteous attitudes, sustainable lifestyles and boosts overall improvement. While going into educational establishments, no matter, whether it is elementary class of graduation year of college, one raises one’s awareness about national history, constitutional rights, cultural history, national integration, environment and community development.

It also assists in creating and developing individual awareness about the eternal human values and their role. I genuinely believe that there is no odd or pointless knowledge, as even information about nonliving and living organisms, their existence within the environment. By and by, to be taught is to truly comprehend what your own qualities are and having the insight to work towards keeping up those qualities. Being taught additionally builds up development, ethos, and a higher degree of bliss on the grounds that it opens up our points of view to new thoughts and trains us to better welcome the world that encompasses us consistently.

Being educated likewise makes us smarter, more experienced and good with the individuals we communicate with consistently. Right now as an undergrad, school to me is the time to not just investigate yourself and to create individual desires, however to additionally practice your training to eventually gain that “best employment”. Specifically, going to school was a greater amount of an inborn inspiration in light of the fact that I discovered joy in and had a longing for clubs, for example, a-capella, the social and physical environment.

In any case, there are likewise outward inspirations with reference to why I go to school in light of the fact that I have an inclination that I am attempting to at last accomplish an instructive degree for the prize of having a decent paying, stable position in business counseling or administration as a major. Notwithstanding, despite the fact that I have yet to see whether I will build up an individual joy with my field of study, regardless I live regular energized and resolved to utilize my instruction to facilitate myself by clearing the way for my future, and to at last leave a legacy for my family and the world.