Why Did Egypt Possible To Go Back In Time? Essay

“Egyptians” back in time

If there was a possibility to go back in time and be part of history I would go back to Egyptian time. In the time of Egyptians, were ruled by a Pharaoh that command and controlled the people his way.
By this being said the people (the Sumerians) who were slaves to do the hard work were the same people that lived on the other side of the land.
Why would I go back in that time period? Well mostly because I always found Egypt and Egyptians really interesting and I think a lot about why we the people judge and undermine other people by how much money we have or how big our land is.
My most asked question is why did they build, the pyramids and how after many years they haven’t crushed or broken down? How is it possible for the pyramids to still be up?
This since a kid made me think and want to know a little bit more about them. Over the years I haven’t really had a class that has taught, me anything about them. But with the help of discovery and a couple of books I learned a bit more. …..

Everything that happened in the Egyptian period caused many things to exist now. But the Egyptians also in that period had trouble and problems trying to keep a good government system. I truly believe this was a caused by themselves with the rich undermining the poor. Why? Well, mostly because the poor had no rights to even have a decent job or earn enough money. The rich cared for only there people in how they dressed and on what they lived in. I find this to be very unfair and not the right thing they should’ve…