Why I Want To Be A Teen Council Essay

Why would you like to become a member of Teen Council? I would like to become a member of Teen Council because of numerous reasons. First, I love to meet different artist ar artist alike and talking with them about art and listening to all different views, and this skill will aid me in collaborating with other people and artists to put on many different events at the CAHM. I enjoy collaborating with different people about art and other projects such as service projects and art exhibitions.

My interest in group projects and my previous experience in collaboration with different people will help me in problem solving, and collaborating with the other Teen Council members. I love art and all kinds of art as well as making all different kinds of art, and this will aid me in connecting with different kinds of artists. I love visiting museums and the CAHM as it always has interesting and thought-provoking exhibitions, and I will strive to continue to hold these special exhibitions to spark an interest in art for all the people who see it.

I love to plan events and want to engage the community in art in fun ways, and this skill and interest will help me aid the Teen Council in planning events that all the community can enjoy. Describe an art experience that inspired you to create, or think differently about the world. The Unsettling Lens exhibition at the Oklahoma Museum of Fine Arts because the photographs were not just unsettling, but beautiful at the same time by exploring the world through the unseen parts of life, the city’s underworld, and the downright scandalous.

My work before this point was on the safe side with a few photos venturing beyond my comfort zone, but this exhibition got me thinking about the real nittygritty parts of life, not just that happy parts ball all parts of life the ups and the downs. This inspired me to slow start growing out of my comfort zone and I have worked ever since to start taking more photos that are more uncomfortable. What are three skills that you would bring to Teen Council? Please elaborate with your answers.

The three skills along with many more that I would bring to Teen Council are art experiences, past exhibition experience, and my planning and cre eativity skills in my community. In my career as a visual artist | have dabbled and delved into many art forms such as photography, paints, sculpture, jewelry-making, ceramics, and printing. As an artist of many backgrounds, I can relate to all different artists not only in the visual arts world, but in the preforming arts world as well as I have experience with singing and writing.

Also with my expansive art background when putting on exhibitions, film screenings, music festivals, and poetry readings, I can bring a new insight from an artist perspective as well as a curatorial perspective. I have experience putting on two exhibitions along with being featured in two exhibitions. I have been in two exhibitions before (Purdue High School Competition and Origins of the Self) and I could bring a different perspective to the Teen Council one of the artist to the Council.

My experience with putting on an exhibition comes from my work with the Houston Art League High School Summer Intensive, and this year Collaborations at HCP. In both programs I along with many other different artists worked together to put on two different exhibitions. From theses programs I gained skills such as working with a group, planning an exhibition, setting up the exhibitions, and solving problems. These skills would help me immensely in Teen Council in respect to putting on an exhibition or any other events and would allow me to work effectively in a group and solve any problems should any arise.

At my school and in my community I have hosted different events and helped the community and my skill with getting the community involved could help me and the Teen Council make events that get the community involved in all different kinds of art and make it fun to do so. Describe your experience collaborating in groups. I have lots of experience in collaborating with different people. In the High School Summer Intensive at the Houston Art League, myself along with other artists had to collaborate, plan, and execute and exhibition from start to end.

In this program, we also had to make a zine collaboratively. Also in Collaborations this year at the HCP, I work with other photographers to plan, collaborate, overcome problems, and successfully carry out an exhibition. At school, I collaborate with my track and field team along with my cross country team to form planes to help us win meets. I also work with many of my class mates in group projects in science, English and history. All of this experience makes me well versed in how to collaborate with people successfully and how to overcome problems should they arise.

Who are three of your favorite artists, and what do you enjoy about their work? My three favorite artists are Yayoi Kusama, James Van Der Zee, and although not famous my grandfather. Yayoi Kusama is one of my favorite artists because her work makes you stop and think about life and be in the moment. Her work really makes you feel one with the environment and I really love that about her work. I feel like in this fast pace world we need to take a second to be a part of our environment around us.

This idea has really inspired some of my work in the form of sculpture and photography. The next artist who is one of my favorite is James Van Der Zee because his work is so whimsical but is so perfect at the same time. His photographs that are overlaid are so precise and feel natural and his attitude toward showing his subjects as perfect resonates with me and in my photographic work.

Another one of my favorite artists is my grandfather because although he is not a famous artist, his xpressionist and other work was the inspiration for me to start getting into the art world. Tell a story of a time you successfully spoke in public. One time I spoke out successfully was at TEDX in which I spoke about learning disabilities and how to treat people who have them with respect. This topic is dear to me as some one dear to me has Dyslexia. This experience took a lot of courage and confidence to speak on this topic but was rewarding as it accomplished my goal of raising awareness about learning disabilities.

List one way that you incorporate your passions into your everyday life. Every day I take my camera with me to take photos and have taken photos for the school newspaper to further allow me to incorporate my passion for photography into my life. I have also used my art skills to make studying and learning more fun and enjoyable and to further practice my art skills. I have also taken photos at community events. Lastly, for my love of reading, I always have a book with me. What other information would you like us to know about you?