Zlateh The Goat Compare And Contrast Analysis Essay

What makes a story unique? What makes a reader drawn to the plot? To the characters? The story “Zlateh the Goat” written by Isaac Bashevis Singer and the story “the King of Mazy May” written by Jack London both give a reason to go on. The two stories are compelling in different ways – may it be the plot, the theme, and the overall meaning. Despite their differences, they give you a different kind of similarity. The most notable differences between the two stories is their plot. The plot is what draws out the meaning of a story, along with the characters.

In the short story, “Zlateh the Goat”, Isaac Singer established the theme of “trust” and being “mutually dependent on each other”. In the short story, “the King of Mazy May,” Jack London developed a theme of self-sacrifice and bravery. The story “Zlateh the Goat” comes from a deeper connection of friendship than “the King of Mazy May. ” Aaron, in “Zlateh the Goat,” realizes that he needs Zlateh more than the family thinks, not only in terms of food production and such, but also in terms of family.

As the plot progressed, this realization grew as the story coincided with the changes of the setting, “suddenly the weather changed. A large black cloud with a bluish center appeared. ” The change in the setting foreshadowed a slight change in the relationship between the two characters. However, in “the King of Mazy May,” the story isn’t about the bond between an animal and human, but about the bravery and right-thought. Walt, the hero, “only yelled the harder at the dogs [even) with a couple of revolver bullets singing after him.

Although, as the story progressed into action scenes, Walt did trust a dog whom he has never met before to take over the lead of the sled dogs. But, the bond between animals and humans isn’t as strong as Aaron and Zlateh that come along within the story’s climax. The stories’ characters and their traits are what helped them overcome the obstacles from their challenges, whether they prepared for it or not. In “Zlateh the Goat,” the main character, Aaron, and his pet goat, Zlateh, go to town. The text says, “Zlateh trusted human beings.

She knew that they always fed her and never did her any harm. ” “She didn’t ask any questions even though she had an uncomfortable feeling of where Aaron was taking her. ” Although Aaron didn’t want to take Zlateh to the town butcher he had to obey his father’s orders, stubborn was not what Aaron was. Plus, the price for Zlateh could give the family good sum of money for the upcoming holiday called Hanukkah. From this, readers can infer that the family lives in Israel or anywhere else Hanukkah is celebrated.

In fact, if Aaron wouldn’t have obeyed his father’s orders, then they would never be caught in the blizzard, thus their bond wouldn’t strengthen. As the duo traveled, a blizzard occurred. Aaron’s curiosity found shelter and food for Zlateh, in exchange Aaron would drink Zlateh’s milk. The two’s time together in the haystack helped Aaron realize that he will not continue to lead Zlateh to town. Walt, as well, trusted his instincts to save Loren Hall’s property.

As the story moves on, conflict is introduced when a group of villainous claim jumpers comes to steal the neighbor’s land; Walt demonstrates selflessness by intervening in claim jumpers’ evil business. The setting of this story is the Yukon Territory in northwestern Canada. Walt realizes the group of men intend to jump Loren Hall’s claim, he reacts immediately to thwart their efforts. Yet, Walt saved the land with his own characteristics: bravery, selflessness, and self-sacrifice. Aaron trusted more of his bond with Zlateh to lead them to safety in light of their challenge.

The theme and message of a story are often used interchangeably. A theme is one word summing up the story. The meaning of the story is the overall lesson. For example, the theme of “Red Riding Hood is deception. The meaning of the story is to never talk to strangers. It is evident that the theme of “Zlateh the Goat” is trust and loyalty. As right-thought and selfsacrifice go for “the King of Mazy May”. The message of “Zlateh the Goat” is that in many cases in time of need, pets help their owners through depression, loneliness and even at times have been known to save their lives.

However, the message of “the King of Mazy May” is doing what is right. Obviously, the message of the two stories is very, very different. So, what does make a story unique? Everything. From the plot, to the characters, to the theme, and so on. Isaac Singer and Jack London definitely showed the power of a good story. Their characters were realistic; their themes were absolutely heart-warming; and the plots were structured. Most of all, they gave you a satisfying feeling of pride and love.