A Comparison of Amanda Wingfield And Blanche Dubois

Both Amanda Wingfield and Blanche Dubois are single women living in a society that does not always value women in the same way. They are both struggling to find their place in the world, and they both use different strategies to try to cope with the challenges they face.

Amanda is very protective of her son, Tom, and she wants him to have a better life than she has had. She tries to control his life as much as possible, but she also wants him to be happy. Blanche is also protective of her sister Stella, but in a different way. She wants Stella to be safe and happy, but she also wants her to stay away from Stanley, who represents everything that is dangerous and harmful.

Amanda is a very outgoing person, and she is always trying to make friends. Blanche is not as outgoing as Amanda, and she often feels like she doesn’t fit in. Amanda is very optimistic, while Blanche tends to be more pessimistic.

Both Amanda and Blanche are struggling to come to terms with the changes that are happening in their lives. For Amanda, the most significant change is her son’s departure from home. For Blanche, the most significant change is her husband’s death. They both react differently to these changes, but ultimately they both end up being more vulnerable than they were before.

There appears to be no room for failure in today’s rough and hard world. There is a lot of pressure to succeed in life. Other people set impossible expectations for others all the time. This puts the person under a great deal of stress and strain. In their own unique methods, people can release tension and worry from their lives in Tennessee Williams’ “The Glass Menagerie,” “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Amanda Wingfield and Blache Dubios are two of the characters in “The Glass Menagerie” and “A Streetcar Named Desire,” respectively, by Tennessee Williams.

Amanda Wingfield is a character in “The Glass Menagerie”. She is a single mother who is raising her son, Tom, and daughter, Laura. Amanda was born sometime around the end of the nineteenth century or the beginning of the twentieth century. The play takes place in 1940. Blanche Dubois is a character from “A Streetcar Named Desire”. She is the sister of Stella Kowalski, who is married to Stanley Kowalski. Blanche was born in 1892 and died in 1951. The play takes place in 1947.

Both Amanda Wingfield and Blanche Dubois were born around the turn of the century into families that were considered high society at that time. Amanda’s father was a successful businessman and Blanche’s father was a banker. Amanda and Blanche were both raised to believe that they were better than other people because of who their families were. When their fathers died, they were left with little money. This caused them to have to find ways to make money in order to survive.

These characters withdraw into their own separate worlds of illusion and lies in order to address the difficulties and challenges in their lives. Amanda Wingfield is Tom’s mother, as well as Laura’s. She’s a middle-aged southern belle whose husband has left her. She spends her time remembering the past and nagging her children. Amanda is completely reliant on her son Tom for financial stability, placing all of the blame for Laura’s future on him.

The truth is, Amanda only had two callers and the rest were her son’s friends. Blanche DuBois is the sister of Stella Kowalski, wife of Stanley Kowalski. Blanche was raised in a wealthy family but she has since lost everything. She now lives with Stella and Stanley in a cramped and dingy apartment. Blanche is very sensitive and fragile.

She constantly tries to make herself look attractive, even though she is well past her prime. The reason for her vulnerability is that she has been through a lot in life. She has lost her husband, father and most of her possessions. She also suffers from mental illness which causes her to see things that aren’t actually there.

Despite their many differences, Amanda Wingfield and Blanche Dubois share some similarities. Both women are desperately trying to hold on to their pasts. They are both using illusions as a way to cope with the reality of their lives.

The main difference is that Amanda is using her illusions to make herself look good, while Blanche is using them to escape the horrors of her life. Blanche is also much more honest about her illusions than Amanda is. For example, when Blanche admits that she is “a little bit crazy”, Amanda would never admit to such a thing.

Ultimately, these characters are fighting different battles. Amanda is fighting to keep her family together, while Blanche is fighting to keep her sanity. They are both struggling to find a place in the world where they feel accepted and loved. The main difference is that Blanche is willing to admit that she is flawed, while Amanda tries to portray herself as perfect.

The reader has no way of knowing whether this actually occurred. It is, however, obvious that despite the possibility of its falsity, Amanda has accepted it. Amanda also refuses to acknowledge her daughter’s physical handicap and terms it “a little fault – hardly visible” (pg. 45). She only acknowledges Laura’s disability for brief periods before returning

She often tells him that he needs to find a good job and get married so that Laura can have a life. Blanche is also in a state of denial, but her denial is mainly due to the fact that she is trying to forget her past. Blanche wants to forget the horrors that she has experienced and the terrible things that she has done. She tells Stella that “I have always tried to live as delicately as possible” (pg. 9). However, Blanche’s life is far from delicate. The facade that Blanche has created for herself is slowly crumbling and the truth is beginning to surface.

Both Amanda and Blanche try to control the people around them in order to maintain their delusions. Amanda often uses guilt trips to get what she wants from Tom and Laura. For example, she tells Tom “You are the only one that can make her happy in this world” (pg. 45). Blanche also tries to control the people around her by lying to them and by manipulating them. She tells Stanley that she is not interested in him sexually and then proceeds to make advances towards him.

Despite their differences, there are some similarities between Amanda and Blanche. Both women are desperately trying to hold on to their pasts. Amanda is trying to hold on to the memory of her deceased husband and Blanche is trying to hold on to the memory of her youth. They are both using different methods to try and keep the memories alive. Amanda is using denial and delusion while Blanche is using lies and manipulation.

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