A Narrative Essay On Germania

Germania continued, “These documents are explicit in that it seems a lot of people our age are not in support of what views the Church has in regards to women. Sorry if it seems I’m being a pessimistic, but it looks as if the future itself is trying to scorn the traditions of the past. I don’t know what to say about this, but at least I’m proud to say the HL still had the results it needed from the students of that nearby university. ” “What’s the matter, Hannelore? ” Christian Falkenrath wondered, sensing the feelings of doubt and defeatism that she was expressing. Does it seem as if nothing has ever been going in our direction? ” “In a way, I guess you could say that,” answered Germania.

“Why are you asking me this? ” “There is something that I need you to remember,” he told her, “No matter how terrible things may be, no matter how uncertain our futures are in this era, we must still push on, because we know in the firmness of our hearts that what we are doing is right. Even if we fail – a possibility that we do not want to happen to us, let alone something that we should bear any thought to – We still do what was right, and not because there was something for us to gain from it. “What you’re saying sounds a lot like what Harold Brotzman’s been saying for the past several years,” Hannelore pointed out. “Where are you going with this, Falkenrath? ” “I’m glad you noticed,” he applauded her. “Most of the things that he has saying to all of us for many years are very true indeed and thus is worth mentioning again.

Since you have paid note to where | was going, I assume you are aware of this saying that people have been associating with that man: ‘impossible is never a word in my vocabulary. ‘ And so I ask, do you happen why a man like Harold Brotzman would say something such as that? “Well, T-I don’t why,” admitted Germania, “Can you please tell me why Brotzman would even say such a thing? ” Falkenrath nodded. “If there was anything that I as an individual have noticed about the Brotzman family, it was their hardened determination and perseverance, this inflexible will that gears them toward doing what is right, in spite of it being seen by others as being totally ‘impossible? To them, if there is a will, there is most certainly a way, because all things in this world shall fall before those of the indomitable will.

The good endings shall only go to those who possess the virtuosity and strength of character to do what must be done, because we and the actions we take are in the right, and that everything that we say is true. ” “For a moment, if you may, try to look back at our history – before there was a Republic or Confederation Program and before there was even a Black Crayon Aristocracy and you will know that American Catholic Education’s history is filled with stories of struggle,” Falkenrath continued.

From the tales of promoting the Catholic faith while under the threat of this who do not take kindly to us, the tales of dealing with the difficulties of evangelizing others in the most unforgiving and unhospitable of places, to the tales of doing the impossible in securing a future for Catholic children. ” He concluded his explanation by bringing it full circle to the present day circumstances. “For it was the struggle to educate the next generation of Roman Catholics and the evangelization of others that had brought American Catholic Education from a simple band of Spanish Franciscan monks at St.

Augustine during the early 17th century, to its height of greatness as the Greater American Catholic School System. Judging by the medals, ribbons and band around the collar of your white blouse, I can tell that you are a Catholic School Noblewoman. Therefore, I can assure you with complete confidence that you must have forgotten: ‘you are both the servant and the spokesperson for your peers,’ as the Godmother once said. Remember that, for as long as you here with us. “Thanks for telling me these things, and yea, I’ll try to keep that in mind,” muttered Hannelore. She went on to tell him, “Not too long ago, I encountered the leader of the RTB, about the same time as he was leaving our office. Sorry if it seems I am being nosy or anything of the kind, but what were you two talking about anyway? ” “Right, we were talking about you, prior to you showing up here,” replied Falkenrath. “I and others would like to say that we appreciate all the good things you have been doing for us since the past few weeks.

However, it seems to us that, quite simply, we do not have new assignments that we can give you. Because of this, we have made an arrangement between ourselves and RTB, and they of course would like to have you assist them on a particular matter. ” “Do you know what kind of help that they expect from me and my associates? ” asked Germania. “From what I was told by D’Agostino, he said that the favor he is requesting from you has something to do with them, the Ryanischwalkuren, and the latter’s feud with the Greens,” said Falkenrath. To put it in terms that you can understand, the FTB and the Floridian chapters of the Ryanischwalkuren are now interested on how the Greens in the state of Georgia were able to create devices similar to the ones that the Ryanischwalkuren in Pennsylvania are developing, of which is still in its experimental phases.

Now is there that does not make any sense to you? ” “Something I don’t about get is how the Greens in Georgia were able to build one of these things, yet Megan Wright and the rest of the girls in Pennsylvania have not been able to figure out the complications on ours,” Germania mentioned to Falkenrath. Correct me if I am wrong, but is D’Agostino suggesting that there is someone leaking information to the Greens, or at the very worse, intentionally ‘misplacing’ materials and prototypes from the workshops of my fellow sisters in Pennsylvania? ” “Perhaps, although we don’t have anyone to suspect of such wrongdoing,” answered Falkenrath. “D’Agostino, on the other hand, has a completely different theory in mind: somehow, and he’s not sure exactly, the Greens were able to come across a prototype that the

Ryanischwalkuren in Pennsylvania were working on, which possibly had crashed somewhere, and supposedly the Greens recovered the wreckage before the Ryanischwalkuren did. From there, he suspects that their Georgian chapters were assigned to tinker and reverse engineer the whole thing, figuring out how everything works. And before anyone realized, those same Georgian chapters now have access to something that the Ryanischwalkuren in Pennsylvania have not been able to fully master.

“And if the Greens in Georgia have been able to refine all of the rough spots that my other associates in the Ryanischwalkuren were unsuccessful in refining on their own, then might be in the position to start selling both the prototype and the blue prints to the highest bidder,” Hannelore speculated. “Indeed, and the worst part is that no one knows who is going to be highest bidder that the Greens will give it to,” said Falkenrath. “But regardless, we cannot afford to allow any of the RGA’s rival access to it.

Should they be allowed access, it is possible for us to suspect that it will put everything that we have been working on up to this point in serious jeopardy. ” “And apparently, that’s where I and the rest of Accardo’s little group comes in, right? ” pondered Germania. “Exactly,” replied Falkenrath. “If anything, this is probably going to be that only way for us to gain access to this warehouse of printing presses, because one of the owner has been reporting that some of those girls from the Greens have testing their prototype near his home, and it’s been a disturbance to him.

Should all things go well for us; the owners of this warehouse might be convinced to allow us access to their printing presses, which means that we can get a lot of literature made for the next phase of ‘We Will Never Forget Them. ” “What do you now want me to do? ” Germania asked him. “Speak with D’Agostino,” suggested Falkenrath, “And he’ll give him all the details on what needs to be done. Think you can do that? ” “Sure thing,” said Germania. “Be seeing you again. ” “I hope so,” Falkenrath said as he watched Germania leave his office.