Personal Narrative: The Events That Changed My Life Essay

When something changes a person’s life they will remember it forever. It doesn’t matter how big or how small it is, it will leave a permanent imprint on that person’s memory. The saddest thing about that imprint staying in a person’s memory is that it could have either changed their life in a positive or negative way. In the last year, three major events have helped change and shape my life in a positive way. These three events have completely changed my life and have made me a better person overall and will always leave a good imprint in my memory.
Around August of last year, I started my first semester of college, and working full time as a CNA. I was taking some pretty hard courses and my work schedule was getting a little hectic. I kept getting calls from my place of work asking me to come in and cover someone else’s shift. After awhile the work load got too heavy for me, and I never had time to see my boyfriend, family, or my friends. When I did have time I was over at my boyfriend’s house. Eventually I stopped working as a CNA because I couldn’t handle all the hours and school….

On the Easter vigil of this year I was baptized into the Catholic religion. When I was growing up, my family was not religious at all and I never went to church. I believed in God, but never had a religion to say I was apart of and I didn’t know much about the Bible or even God himself. While dating my boyfriend I went to church with him for over a year and I finally decided that this is something that I want to be apart of. So we started RCIA classes around August of last year. During the classes I learned so much about the religion and about myself. Through all the lessons and stories that I heard during my journey, I really contemplated how I would treat others and how I was portraying myself. I truly believed that those seven months of classes had given me a better sense of humility and taught me how to be more…