Analyze the kinds of commercials

Did you ever sit and analyze the kinds of commercials that are played on the television? At designated times, different people are targeted. Or how about the ways the grocery stores are set up with the candy, soda, and magazines near the check out area. Items in a store are put in certain places for a reason. These are all clever selling techniques that manufacturers come up with to get people to buy their products. Around 2:30 until about 5:00, the kids come home from school, and the cartoons and other kids shows are on.

So why not show commercials for the latest Barbie doll or hot wheels playset. Children see this, remember it and figure out how to convince someone to buy it for them. Right around dinnertime, youre on the couch, and Oprahs on. All of a sudden you see a commercial for Boston Market with a mouth watering rotisserie chicken and some fresh mashed potatoes. Now you get hungry so why make dinner when it can be done for you? Taking a child to the grocery store can be the absolute pits.

Youre going down aisle five (the cereal aisle) and your four year old sees a box of frosted flakes with some new pokemon toy. He starts throwing a fit, not because he wants the cereal, but because of the cool toy inside. Of course you get suckered into buying it so your child doesnt scream anymore. Or you go into the supermarket just for milk. Well the milk is all the way in the back of the store. On your way back, you pass by some cookies, bread and yogurt, and theyre all on sale.

Of course you cant resist purchasing them. Its a great deal. One item always turns into five. Scenario number three is youre at the mall shopping in World Foot Locker for some new basketball shoes. Near the pair of sneakers you like is a poster of Michael Jordan wearing the same pair you were just looking at. You think to yourself, Michael Jordan is wearing them, hes famous and a great basketball player. If I wear them, Ill be great too. Another way to sucker you into the sale.

Or youre driving home from work around rush hour/dinner time, and whats on the billboard, but an advertisement for Mc Donalds with a juicy looking hamburger. And its only a mile down the road. Why not stop there instead of sitting in traffic. People get reeled in just like fish when it comes to manufacturers and the people that sell or advertise their products. Were not necessarily getting robbed. The people behind these selling techniques are just trying to make a dollar. In any kind of sale, you will find some sort of technique being used.

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