Argumentative Essay On Zoos

Zoos or prisons? Animals living in between our walls The issue is ‘all zoos should be closed’. This is an issue in society because animals are just like any other humans, we have feelings, but we’re treating them like dirt, by keeping them in a zoo, locked inside a cage like prisoners, for our’educational benefits’ and ‘entertainment’. The real issue This is an issue because animals are being kept in a place full of artificial environment and climate that they are not used to.

Some of the zoo animals commit suicide because of this and other things, such as being taken away from their families and friends at a very young age, but mainly their natural environment, which can lead them to become depressed. Most countries sell their animals to another zoo, farm or circus when they don’t have enough space for a certain kind of animal or for the cash. A circus is a horrible place for animals to be in, because they have to entertain for their food and could also be abused for doing the wrong route in an act.

That’s when the animal becomes tormented and could become mentally and physically insane. Many zoos in other countries don’t treat the animals the right way; this is very cruel because they’ve already taken everything away from them, yet they’re not treating them like how they should be. What I agree with In my opinion, I strongly believe that all zoos should be abolished, because a zoos’ environment isn’t a suitable environment for wild animals to be living in. Zoo breeding programs don’t work out as how the zoos are explaining it.

This is very bad because endangered animals might go extinct! | think that animals shouldn’t be sold to zoos because they have to adapt to an environment very fast which is cruel because animals takes a long time to adapt to something new. Most importantly animals are being traded in a circus, which is the most crucial place with an animal to be placed in. Circus and zoos are similar in many ways both the animals will be kept in a place they’re not used to and they both entertain us.

The animals in zoos are getting food thrown at them which is really bad, especially if it is a wild animal such as; lions, tigers, bear, etc… Sometimes people could be throwing junk food at them, and they might eat them, which may cause them to become obese and lazy. This is bad for the animals’ health because they’re not getting the exercise they need and this cause them to become sick. Some zoos don’t care about the animals, so they just leave them untreated to become sick.

Evidence about zoos The animals are being kept in a small environment and are taken away from their natural lives. Zoos are letting scientist use them as scientific research, which is horrible because the experiments could go wrong and the only ones that will suffer are the animals and this can cause them to become mentally a physically insane. Most of the animals aren’t getting used to the artificial environment because it’s nothing like their natural environment where they can have their freedom and roam around.

Facts on the argument • 40% of lion cubs die before one month of age. • Elephants in UK zoos found that 54% of the elephants showed behaviour problems at daytime. • In 2010 it was revealed that an elephant at Woburn Safari Park had previously been trained using an electric goad (to provoke the animal into doing something) • 70% of elephants in European zoos were taken from the wild. •Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010, undercover investigator filed sick animals that were left untreated. • Wild nimals live longer than zoo animals • CAPS (captive animal protection society) study of UK aquariums found that 41% of the animals on display had no signs identifying their species – the most basic of information. • A US study found no evidence for the claim that zoos and aquariums raise attitude change, education, or interest in conservation in visitors. Statistics on this topic Statistics on this topic 66% of people say that zoos should be closed down. 34% of people say they shouldn’t be closed down.

Experts on topic that have a view that support your argument. (Include their name/qualification and where they are from e. g. a doctor Martin Banks from the University of NSW) Zoo director David Hancocks said: “There is a commonly held misconception that zoos are not only saving wild animals from extinction but also reintroducing them to their wild habitats. The confusion stems from many sources, all of them zoo-based… In reality, most zoos have had no contact of any kind with any reintroduction program. Marc Bekoff – University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado. Former Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Fellow of the Animal Behaviour Society “Zoos are not natural homes for animals and we should all work to phase them out. ” Graphs/charts/pictures/photos/letters/emails/that supports my argument My opinion In my opinion, I think that’s important that people take cares of the zoo animals better. Animals shouldn’t be moving from places to places and should definitely not be sold to circus.

It’s very bad for animals to quickly having to adapt to a new environment and climates because circus entertainer move from place to place to entertain people. What do you want to see happen with this issue? Animals being able have more space so that they can do more things and there should also be a few hiding spots for the animal so they can their own privacy. Most of the money that the zoo earns should be used to improve the zoo and improve the meals for the animals, so that the animals will live a healthy and clean environment. How it can be solved Giving the animals their freedoms back can solve this issue.

Kids nowadays don’t really care or possibly cannot careless if zoos do close down or not, because they have their electronics, so if they do wanted to see the any animals they can just Google it. There are many endangered animals living in this world and they keep on decreasing as they kept on being captured. We all have to imagine if we were in their shoes; being in prison for the rest of your existence and not experiencing life, watching people stare at you, being forced to do something against your will. If humans have the right to be free, why can’t animals be free too?