Bernie Madoff: A Successful Business Man Essay

Bernie Madoff was a successful businessman, who built his business with an investment of five thousand dollars and ran his business using Ponzi schemes. His Ponzi schemes are what made him acquire so many investors and make billions. As crooked and illegal as Bernie Madoff’s actions might’ve been he found a way to still strike as an iconic and incredibly successful business man. Bernie Madoff made it seem like if you didn’t have a connection to him then your name was unheard of. The only way you were able to be let into his “community” was by having special connections.

He created this need of acceptance by having a high confidence level and strong communication skills to make people buy into his hype. His motivation was off of the pure greed of the green papers of North America; money. His integrity lacked but his actions made people look at him as an example to follow. Although Bernie Madoff was one of the biggest business scandals in history, he shows incredible motivation, high confidence, and very intellectual communication skills. He showed these skills because he was a leader and a specialist at working investors wallets to his advantage.

Communication skills was how Bernie Madoff would strike people best. He made strong connections with his investors in order to gain their trust. While gaining their trust he would be gaining their investment into his company. As he did this more and more people wanted to invest with him. People thought that he would be the ideal person to invest money with. As the revenue got higher and more people bought a share he began to realize that his Ponzi scheme was working and also that he needed to keep friendly.

He now had a one rule in mind which was always to have trust and a caring relationship with veryone which would make more investors purchase more shares. While people would question lightly whether to buy a share or not a person who is currently invested would be there to change the other persons mind. He made it so close and caring with his investors they felt like a family that no one could enter into unless they were special. By having a very skilled and intellectual communication line between him and his investors it made him an outstanding businessman compared to others. He was looked at as the leader of business due to the contribution of his strong relationships.

Bernie Madoff was also an icon of confidence in the business world. Confidence is looked at as being proud in the ability in which you can do something; this wasn’t a problem for Madoff. His level of confidence struck high the moment you met him. His thoughts were if I get everyone to trust me and invest with me then I need to show how successful we all will be. Using his communication skills he became quite confident in how things were going. Madoff glowed in confidence as he started talking his way and making everyone feel confident in his scheme.

Due to the fact that he was so confident it made everyone else feel even more enthusiastic in what he was capable of doing. Therefore, Madoff used his it as a tool while using his communication skills to get into the mind of the people. By doing this all Madoff could see was more and more shares being bought by the hundreds. The confidence of Madoff and his investors only grew and it never stopped. It was like a grapevine of confidence, Madoff started it and it just grew from him then to his investors and all the way down to the newest investor who had just purchased a share.

Motivation is defined as the feeling of need to keep moving forward in a better direction. However, the motivation of Bernie Madoff wasn’t ever questioned by his business employees or his investors. The more money, investors, stronger relationships, and confidence that was coming into play the better. He saw success in everything and that only fueled his relentless strategic attack against the business world. He pushed himself harder then anyone to meet the goals he wanted to meet which translated to his employees and investors. His motivation lifted the level of interest and quality of work within his business.

It was his version of his business standard that was expected to be valued at every level these standards were to have confidence and work hard. By having this standard people wanted to invest more by purchasing more shares. This level of work raised the public eye towards Madoff’s business. The intense focus that translates to locked in motivation to grow and acquire more revenue was how Madoff’s business soared higher then any other company. Not one single person questioned Madoff’s motivation which was set up by his strong confidence and communication skills.

Almost the entire business world believed in the golden integrity of Bernie Madoff. He had everyone believing that there was nothing crooked going on within his business. To have integrity means to be faithful to your investors being completely honest and it also means to work in honesty. For Madoff honesty was just a front that made more people trust him and invest in him however, this was all for show. It was an illusion act as he theoretically held up two hands, while everyone was looking at the right hand he moved his left hand without a single notice.

He made millions off people who invested in him and believed in his rewarding Ponzi scheme. When he ended up getting caught people were in complete shock. They trusted his work as much as they trusted their closest friend. His integrity was looked at as the model to follow due to that fact people tried to set up their ethics like Madoff had started his. He was caught and labeled as the ideal fraud for a businessman. Integrity in the minds of his investors had no meaning anymore. By using his locked in motivation, fake but strong integrity, high confidence and outstanding communication skills allowed him to work his Ponzi scheme nicely.

Madoff didn’t buckle his confidence was held high and that kept everyone listening to and believing in his sweet lies. Most Ponzi schemes can only thrive and survive for two or three years, his lasted for more then that. He was able to make decisions no other Ponzi scheme criminal could make. Whether you like him or not he has more success in his Ponzi scheme then anyone did in business history. His business grew larger and had more attention than any other business had in history prior to his scandal. He also showed those great characteristics that make someone a leader.

He was able to use the skills in an illegal way which benefited him for a while but ended up falling apart. If he had been lawfully committed to his works then he would’ve been the greatest and most successful businessman of all time. Starting a business that made millions off of fivethousand dollars is an incredible thing to be proud of. Bernie Madoff tried making an a master piece out of lies and Ponzi schemes however, his master piece ended up becoming a picture of himself with no money and behind bars