Character Analysis Of Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin In The Sun Essay

Many people have dreams that they want to accomplish. In A Raisin in the Sun, characters have a goal. Walter’s passion is to own a liquor store because he wants to be an entrepreneur. Beneatha’s dream is to become a doctor to help cure people. Mama pursues her dream of having a garden and a house. Each person’s aspiration is important to them. Thesis At first, all Walter seems to care about is owning a liquor store with his two friends, Willy and Bobo. For example, one way he is trying to attempt his goal is by using Big Walter’s insurance money.

He thinks that this is a good idea because it is an opportunity for him to make contributions for his family. In addition, Mama helps him out when she gives him $3500 to invest in a liquor store even though she clearly does not support it. She does not support it being a place for people to drink and does not believe the Youngers to be business people. Yet, she is motivated to help her son because she realizes how much it is affecting him and to show that she indeed trusts him. As a result, Walter does not get his liquor store because Willy runs off with the money, but he gets to be the man of the house.

He is grateful because he finally gets to be the man he knows he is. Even though Walter loses both Bennie’s and his share of the money, Mama is proud of him because she tells Ruth, “He finally came into his manhood today” (Hansberry 151). Bennie’s objective is to become a doctor due to her childhood because she remembers a friend’s face splitting in two and a doctor came to help stitch him back together. For example, one way she is going to afford med school is by Mama paying her tuition with part of the insurance money. She thinks curing the sick is a substantial thing to do because she cares about the medical attention people need.

She tersely explains to Asagai how healing people is “truly being God” (Hansberry 133), which means she wants to help people since she cares about how people’s bodies hurt. In addition, Asagai helps Bennie when he asks her to come with him to Africa to be a doctor. He feels as if he should help out Bennie because he wants to marry her and take her home with him. As a result, it implied that Bennie will go with Asagai back to Africa. She feels as if this is a way to start over and to have a chance at achieving her dreams once again.

In conclusion, Bennie accomplishes another chance at being a doctor and marrying Asagai. Lastly, Mama dreams of having her very own garden and owning a house. For example, one way she is paying for the house is with Big Walter’s insurance money, but she only makes a down payment. She feels as if the house will help her family because she sees how they are beginning to fall apart. In addition, Ruth helps Mama when she encourages her to buy a house because there will be more space. She feels jubilant because there will be space for the baby, which means she no longer has to have an abortion.

Another way Ruth expresses triumphant is when she says, “HALLELUJAH! AND GOODBYE MISERY… ” (Hansberry 93). This shows how much she appreciates Mama’s decision, so they can finally leave this “rattrap” of a house. As a result, the Younger family do end up moving to Clybourne Park after a crisis that almost stops them from doing so. Walter does the right thing by telling Linder, “My father- he earned it for us brick by brick” (Hansberry 148), which means they will move because his father works himself to death just so they can get this house.

At the end, Mama thinks moving once again became a good idea when Walter finally came to his senses and appreciates the house. To conclude, Mama achieves a dream that impacts the rest of the Younger family. In summary, the Youngers realize that with the help of family, they can achieve their goals even though there might be obstacles in between. Walter dreams of owning a liquor store, but even though he does not attain that, he gets to be the man of the house. Bennie gets a chance at becoming a doctor once again when Asagai asks her to come to Africa to help make it a better place.

Mama accomplishes owning a house and having her own garden. A lesson the Younger family learns is that family is important. Mama already knows this because she does anything she can for the sake of her family. For Walter, it took him a crisis to realize it, but in the end he finally does after he sets himself as a good role model for Travis. Lastly, Bennie becomes aware of it when Asagai explains to her how wrong it is for Big Walter to die just so she can accomplish her dream, when she should be working for it.