Chromium Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

Chromium is used to regulate glucose in the blood stream and slows down the rate of calcium loss. It is also recommended for muscle building and fat burning. Due to its benefits it is used by patients suffering from diabetes or menopause. There are many risks of chromium, some include kidney, liver and nerve damage. It may also cause irregular heartbeat. Chromium should not be used by pregnant women, people with mental illness, and people with kidney disease. Though chromium is used for many medical benefits it is not proven to be as beneficial as claimed.

More studies need to be done in order to prove the benefits of chromium. Many other uses of chromium during ancient times include coating swords to prevent tarnishing tanning leather. Chromium was highly sought after due to its pigmentation during the 1700s. Even in the modern era chromium can be found in stainless steel and car bumpers. Many artist and crafters use chromium in dyes and paints. Human bodies require little amounts of chromium to stay alive, and low levels of chromium is linked to glaucoma. Chromium continues to be widely used throughout the world.

Many may not know of its importance but it has impacted many types of clothing and art. Calcium is used to treat osteoporosis,rickets, and PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Calcium pills are taken by pregnant women in order to keep their calcium levels normal or high enough to support the baby. Intestinal bypass surgery complications,Lyme disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart burn are all conditions medicated by calcium. Food filled calcium such as milk, kale, broccoli and soy products all help promote the development of bones.

High levels of calcium in the body may cause heart attacks, kidney stones, and constipation. Calcium can be found in chalk, cement and shells. calcium is needed in our teeth and bones to provide strength. Other uses for calcium include making cheese, removing impurities in alloys, and a reduction agent for metal making. Though Calcium is extremely beneficial there must be Vitamin D present in order for calcium to be absorbed and used in the body. The discovery of calcium has lowered the rate of women getting osteoporosis after pregnancy or due to old age.

Though calcium is abundant it is still valued due to its benefits and importance in maintaining a healthy body. calcium though proven advantageous for bone strength and muscle activity should not be taken in access because it can cause many issues relating to respiratory and circulatory functions. Zinc is used to prevent growth stunts, slow healing,and diarrhea in children. Zinc helps keep the human immune system healthy and strong. Zinc is found in batteries containing nickel and carbon, or alkaline. Zinc is used to coat galvanized steel products and stainless steel.

Other uses of zinc are found in plastics, rubber, and paints. Zinc is very popularly used in many industrial products and even fluorescent lights. On the other hand too much zinc can cause abdominal cramps,nausea,diarrhea, headaches and even vomiting. Taking too many zinc pills can lead to copper deficiency which can cause many other undesirable side effects. Side effects include neurological disorders and anemia. Let’s not discourage zinc use because zinc is needed for cell division and vital during pregnancy. Zinc benefits are not restricted to humans, plants also require zinc to survive.

While living things mostly benefit from zinc, it also prevents the rusting of metals. Food wise Zinc is most commonly found in red meats, oysters and other seafoods. Zinc is not just a element of the past, it is quite popular in America restaurants, commonly used as architectural accoutrements. Zinc is the gift that keeps on giving because it’s recyclable so you can keep from benefiting on zinc. Neon emits an orange and red light that is very valued lighting system. It is valued due to its peculiar ability to be able to function in cold conditions. eon lamps work without high voltages.

Neon is also used in old TV tubes, cryogenics, neon signs and lasers. If neon is inhaled in a confined area it can cause suffocation and asphyxiation. When neon contacts the skin it can cause frostbite. Again, excessive inhalation of neon can cause dizziness, nausea,vomiting, fainting, and death. Continuing on neon may also cause emotional instability, deep coma and the depression of senses. The first mainstream neon uses appeared in 1912 as discharge tube for advertising signs.

In 1923 neon lighting was introduced to the U. S. and was first used at a car dealership. Neon poses no environmental concerns due to its non reactiveness. Like the other elements neon is still widely used today in vacuum tubes, high-voltage indicators, wave meter tubes, and plasma tubes. Though neon may appear to be a odorless and harmless gas its effects are very dangerous. Neon may not be as widely know as other elements but it still has a wide range of uses. Neon is not only useful, but it’s also quite pricey due to how rare it is so the next time you see a neon sign just remember how useful it really is.