Goji Berries Thesis Essay

The Truth about Goji Berries – What Are Their Effects on Your Health?

So you’re doing your shopping list for the super-healthy-foods that you decided to eat from now on. Here is our suggestion to help you with your list – Goji Berries. Believe it or not, Goji Berries are considered to be the most nutritionally dense fruit that can be found on Earth.
In China and Tibet medicine, Goji berries have been used for thousands of years. These countries also used them as a culinary ingredient. This super-food has a mild tangy taste, a blend of slightly sweet and sour.

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Goji berries and their benefits on health
Goji berries are highly nutritive and they have many benefits for your…

They contain all essential amino acids, as well as a high concentration of protein. These super-fruits contain vitamin C and carotenoids, as well as they are loaded with trace minerals and contain high levels of fiber. In addition to these, Goji berries are provided with a high amount of iron, Calcium, zinc, selenium and other trace minerals.
You can enjoy plenty of benefits from eating these berries, as they contain natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal compounds. They are also a great help for your immune system, as they contain antioxidants and polysaccharides. Therefore, these fruits are also a powerful source of strength and they promote longevity.

Super-food for your healthy diet
With so high amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that can be found in Goji berries, it is no surprise that many people add these fruits to their healthy diet. So you can now start consuming this super-food, in order to enjoy the multiple benefits that they have for you and your…