High Pitch Song Analysis Essay

Project 1

High pitch Song Introduces the Video with flashes of the Product

First Speech: Hello! I am Anthony Terrill Senior. I am a Clinical Nutritionist and Medical Professional. I am excited to share with you some facts that would revolutionize your life. I am the founder of Anthony’s Smart Choices LLC and we have designed great Pasta that is just right for you. Our Carb Smart Pasta is harnessed from the Science of Sprouted Grains. This gives you the break you need. You can enjoy great tasting Pasta without any nasty side effect.

A Picture/image of anything symbolizing breaking news can be propped at this point.

Second Speech: I discovered that people want to eat healthy and many had to strike off great tasting Pasta. The good news is there is a…

It decreases fat and helps you develop lean muscles while you enjoy your favorite foods such as Pasta , Pancakes, Pizza, Bagels and more.

The BEST part? It digests as a vegetable and NOT as a starch!!

Another symbol that would emphasize the above point can be shown with a bang

Third Speech (Dr. Carb): Hello Everyone! I am Doctor Carb and I could not wait to share this great discovery with you. The science of Sprouting Grains gives you rich nutrients such as Carotene, Anti-oxidants and much more. They help to build your Body’s immune system, give you nourishment like Vegetable but still have the great taste of the delicious diet you love. As a loving Doctor, I would recommend this for you and your Family.

In order to add spice….Dr Carb can eat some of the prepared food and dance around with some Kids in a Party Mode

Fourth speech: You can’t beat the great offer of this unique product. It has been proven to keep you healthy and full of vigor. It is good for everyone who wants to join the community of those who are eating healthy. Share this with your friends and loved ones. This is the way to “Be Carb…