Compare Communism And Socialism Research Paper

Communism, Capitalism and Socialism If you look around your everyday life, you may or may not be aware of most things we have in society that are not found in every country in the world. Electronic devices, brand-clothing, cars, etc. these are all materialistic items that can be easily attained since we live in a capitalistic society. Capitalism is a form of economy where the market is controlled by private businesses and industries. Although the U. S. s not entirely a capitalistic economy (because of many government services and products), it is still one of the most successful capitalistic economy in comparison to other first-world countries. On the other hand, you also have countries in the world today that follow an economic system that believes in equality and government controlled markets. This form of economy is called communism. Although the idea of communism looks good on pen and paper, I will explain why it does not work in the real world, and why a capitalistic society is better.

For one, capitalism offers the opportunity for anyone to reach the level of success and buying power they desire based on financial decisions that they make. Second, communism forces people to earn what the rest earn regardless of their occupation or how hard they work. Lastly, communism does not work because of greed at the top of the chain of command. I will provide information as well as real world examples as to why the benefits of a capitalistic society is more productive and better than that of a communist one.

In theory communism would have put everyone on equal footing, but in practice communism allowed governments to control citizens because the fundamental basics were distorted. Governments that have used Marxism as a basis for their politics have used their power to treat citizens poorly, controlling them and even killing them when necessary to keep those who opposed the government from rising up against them. Communism has failed in practice because the governments have forgotten about the democratic aspect of the ideology which results in the splitting of social classes – which was communism wanted to abolish in the first place.

It’s unfortunate that communism is almost synonymous with evil and corruption. Many people immediately relate communism to Stalinist Soviet and Mao’s China. Both regimes had unfortunate histories of oppression, corruption, torture, and just nasty stuff. However, it is unfair to associate the tyrannical regime with the economic structure. Philosophers and political scientists and revolutionists described communism as a way to abolish classes and a principle that ‘no one will be left behind’. Even if you’re poor or mentally handicapped, the state will take care of your medical care, employment, etc.

It establishes a standard of human rights and equality for all. I am not an advocate for communism but I do think that communism doesn’t necessarily have to equate to oppression. Sweden is a socialist country. I would argue that it leans more towards communism than capitalism. Sweden for example has been ranked as one of the best countries in the world. However, they also have one of the highest tax rates. It’s a good theory, thought up by a brilliant philosopher; however it has been used by people to take complete control over everyone, killing all of those who stand in their way.

The only case where true communism has even been closely reached has been Cuba under Castro, however as soon as Raul has stepped down its future in Cuba looks bleak. Of course, they had previously been under a dictatorship, so anything looks good from there. In my opinion it can never work because humans naturally share a streak for competition because we’ve never really seen communism in action. We’ve only seen it in manifestos. Communism means that everything is leveled out and equated, with no system of reward or loss to guarantee success or personal failure. In communism, a person is nothing and expendable.

We do not have to wonder about capitalism, communism, socialism, etc. We simply have to understand that as human beings, a society, a people or a state, it will always be in motion, that is, it is a permanent process for the welfare of humanity and those around us. At some point we will understand that we cannot repeat what happened in the world; however, we will see other things that will always be linked in search of the well-being of all, but this will never come. On the other hand, Communist China, but now has name, when you all know that it is a capitalist society.

So we can conclude that in our time, capitalism and communism no longer exist, cannot exist, since all humanity is constantly in process for their welfare, so we only see and feel daily the struggle between the poor and the Rich Because the rich, by their nature are insensitive, loose, liar, criminal and criminal, while the poor, in some way is the opposite. So from both ends we know that wealth is concentrated in the first. So, to reverse this situation we must do? Create new generation politicians. What is a new generation politician?

To be a politician of the new generation, in the first place to be political must necessarily develop his spiritual body, that is to say approaching each day more to God, to reach his blessing. For this blessing will enable you to become a free man, this freedom will lead you to be deeply democratic, this type of democracy will allow you to open your mind or intellectual development, this intellectual development and with the divine power and the people, will allow you Create a range of opportunities for all creating different economic activities, science and technology, simultaneously the spiritual development of your people.

I also add to the concept that extremes are bad, how to avoid them? I think that the State is the main actor to achieve the greatest amount of happiness possible for all citizens, when we speak of the State implies all its components and all its instances, we do not speak of an allpowerful president or head of government, but of a regulatory and Self-regulating perfectly constituted and legislated.

One of the forms of control to avoid the exaggerated concentration of wealth in few hands is through anti-monopoly laws and another through the payment of taxes directly proportional to wealth But poverty must also be tackled with social policies and the inclusion of the poor free of charge in education and health systems. A healthy nation is one composed of a stratified middle class, whose laws prevent the excessive accumulation of property and money and extreme poverty, which are the two extremes of society.

The state should be paternalistic, have wanted to impose the concept that a paternalistic state is bad, is a selfish affirmation of those who can do everything and want to have cheap labor almost slaves. The paternalistic state protects the weakest and simultaneously gives opportunities to all citizens without exclusions, the fact of controlling the accumulation of wealth is not contrary to wealth itself, but to its excess to individual egoism that blinds the greedy by not allowing participation Of “their” wealth not even to their own relatives.

Savage capitalism, the law of the market, the law of the most powerful, is antisocial for it is wild, in a cultured society cannot prevail the savagery of the law of the jungle. But in a cultured society, a dictatorship of a state that exceeds liberties cannot be accepted in an educated society, trying to make everyone equal by force and turning all citizens into employees at the service of the State as was intended in the former Soviet Union.

The historical experience is that in these totalitarian states a caste of bureaucrats is born that ends up being equal to the elites of the old monarchic States, in the first decades it is not bad because it has the capacity to remove a ruined nation and to take it to higher levels of development, but achieved the first objective when the nation wants to enjoy that awakened development in a highly planned world suffocating with very few individual freedoms.

Communism is a utopia; savage capitalism is a reality, not a utopia. If a nation is not able to prevent its economy from turning into savage capitalism, it will go directly to the precipice to the catastrophe, which will inexorably lead to a revolution and if that revolution is fought by an alliance of market-controlled countries, the result will be a War in which the poor and the middle class will lay their blood. If the market wins, that nation will be looted, divided and weakened.