Essay about Analysis Of The Poem Since Feeling Is First, By E. Cummings

Purposely applying unpredictable and sparse punctuation and conventions, Cummings emphasizes the importance of logic versus emotions through this style. In the poem, Cummings conveys his love and devotion to a woman of an unknown source by thus stating, “[they] are for each other. ” Cummings expresses his beliefs that emotions are much more powerful and worth paying attention to rather than reasoning. The carefree feeling of being in love overpowers the brain’s tendency to overanalyze.

Throughout the poem “since feeling is first,” Cummings elucidates that you can only “wholly” cherish someone if it is not constrained by “the syntax of things” since decisions should be based off the heart rather than the mind. In the first line of the poem, Cummings initially brings to attention the fundamental importance of emotions. Presuming there to be a question mark after “who pays any attention to the syntax of things,” it instead brings forth a firm statement or belief.

The pause in this sentence makes us consider the meaning behind “will never wholly kiss you. ” This is generally entailing that “[a person] who pays any attention/ to the syntax of things\ will never wholly kiss you” (2-4). In the second stanza it reveals that he- the speaker- is uncaring of pursuing his emotional impulses, no matter of being named a fool. Being named a fool equally symbolizes being naive and innocent to the world around you. Spring is particularly associated with regrowth, connecting to a blooming of passion that the two feel for each other.

However in the next stanza he let’s go of all intellectual intelligence, expressing that “kisses are a better fate/ than wisdom” (8, 9). Particularly using eyes, this is implying a loss of innocence by the “fluttering of her eyelids,” which is a soothe awakening. The line “we are for each other” (13), makes us expect a follow up on this logical statement, however he instead puts “then laugh” (14), revealing the nature to this poem is to escape syntax. He correspondingly exhibits that life is unmeasured unlike a paragraph, thus him asserting “life is not a paragraph” (15).

In the last line “death is not a parenthesis” (16), he is stating that although death is not felt but is rather a thought, we should not look too much into the logic behind death but willingly cherish the simplicity that life offers. Imagery is used quite frequently throughout this poem, to help us readers interpret the message Cummings is trying to invoke. Bringing a sense of delicacy and lightness to the word “flutters,” it equally connects to the word love, and the emotions they both conjure up. By using this, it helps convey the texture and vividness of the poem and it shows the readers the intended image of the work.

Due to the unset pattern of the poem it helps convey a visual shape or feeling Cummings wants us to experience. Standing by his idea of not following “syntax,” he creates the poem to be free verse through not properly capitalizing words, in aim to make his belief more potent. Using this technique, it effectively brings out his feelings and wishes on how to completely delve into our emotions for others. By not properly following common punctuation helps convey the mood of the poem of being light and free.

This method effectively makes the word “Spring” stand out since Cummings didn’t have to capitalize it but decided to, making us try and decipher the message behind it. As a result of Cummings decisions for the poems structure, it aids us to view him as rebellious and how effective his method is at expressing his values. To live life to its fullest potential rather than merely living the life of existence, is the uppermost possible way to help enrich us to the world. Regarding this, we must abandon passion and let our heart be broken by opening up to receive what life offers.

This reveals that natural intuition aids us to merely survive while though, to live be the greatest accomplishment. Cummings is influencing us to expose our hearts to the potential of life and let the world soften us for the meager blows that will come arise. Lean into the feeling of the unknown and act in spite of fear of being vulnerable. This reveals a human truth that to engage in our own self-worth we must essentially expose ourselves to the imaginable. Over thinking makes we only see black and white and not the enriching colors of Spring which aids us to higher our emotions and feelings for others positively.

Recognizing that life has no rules sets free any internal constriction and helps live the life of your choosing. Acknowledging this, to avoid the obstacles only you yourself are putting up, is simply achievable through the depth of our emotions. Seen throughout the poem we come to the realization, to never let our brain intercede but to rather delve deeper into your feelings. Emotions are much greater than any thought we can muster up in our brain since every feeling we feel is genuine. Using emotions to dictate people’s actions can result in either a bad or good consequence it simply relies on if it’s positive.

Being capable to distinguish thoughts versus feelings will aid our experiences and decisions in the near future. Acting more accordance with your emotions will help achieve a clearer understanding of feelings. Confused between anxiety and excitement can prevent you from contentment however by accurately labeling your emotion will effectively help manage your feelings. Balance out your feelings and emotions to avoid getting misguided in the wrong direction since both factors contribute to a satisfying conclusion.