Essay about Dolores Dante Analysis

The story I read is called Dolores Dante. Dolores became a waitress because she needed fast money. Her husband left her with debts and three children. The youngest child was only six months old. She was a very humble individual. When you go to a restaurant you want great service and Dolores made that happen. She got so good that at times when the restaurant will be filled with hungry costumers they waiting for her to serve them. They didn’t want no other waitress to serve them, but her. She had a connection with the costumers that will make them go back.

I think everyone liked her for being herself and being very welcoming. She was never rude she always treated everyone with a lot of respect. Dolores had to be strong for her and the three kids she was raising. You had costumers that were so rude. Asking where they can find girls like if the restaurant was a strip club. Even though they were insulting her, she treated them with respect. Her bossed loved her since she brought a lot of business. The boss knows she made a lot of money in tips so she wasn’t going to leave her job. Still, the situation Dolores was in was not a pretty one.

She had to raise three children with no help of the father. She didn’t really have the chance to take a break or eat lunch. All day she was standing serving people. Most of the waitresses and bartenders would sit around after for a drink. Most of them became alcoholics so it can help them relieve some tension before going to bed and doing it all over the next day. The way Dolores looked at work was like a play. While you are serving everyone you were the center of attention. When you have a successful night of pleasing everyone the night is done, you’ve done your act.

The curtains can close for the night to re-open in I can relate to her story very much. When I was eleven years | got my first job at a furniture store. I wasn’t the normal eleven year old I was about 5’9. People would always question how old I was because I didn’t look my age. When I would tell them they wouldn’t believe me. People loved me since I would try to make their experience at the store fun while they shopped. I would crack a couple jokes make them laugh. I never wanted to accept tips because I thought it wasn’t part of my job. One elderly lady named Marielena she was 75 years old.

She sat me down to explain why she wanted to give me a tip. She went on to say she was a waitress for 20 years of her life and every time she got a tip was when she did a very good job. People love to reward for good work. When you study for a test and get a perfect score don’t you feel good about yourself? I answered, yeah because my hard work payed off. That’s when Mariaelena got up and said that’s my point you gave me wonderful customer service and want to pay you back for what you did for me. For example, when Dolores said, “In life there is always someone who wants somebody’s job” (Pg. 33).

It has been very true since everyone wanted to do what I did to earn more money. We even got into a couple arguments in the store. My co-workers didn’t like the fact that I always made more money in tips than they did. It was just simply amazing to me how if one person doesn’t like you then their friends don’t like you either. I didn’t go to work to socialize with my co-workers or to make new friends. The only reason I was there was to make money to buy myself the things that I needed. My boss was more like an uncle to me so he had my back at all times. He never let me do none of the hard work.

I still decided to do it, because it was still work that had to be done. I didn’t want him to give me any discretion since I was his favorite. I even switched jobs with one of my co-workers so he can make good tips. That week he didn’t even make a dollar. He asked how I did it. All I did was connect with the people and show that I work hard for my money. The tip you receive from them will come from the heart. Not everyone will give you a tip and you don’t need to expect one. In any case, Dolores was a very charming person. She cared about giving people the great service they expect when they go out to eat.

When she said, “Whatever you do, be a professional” (Pg. 334). It reminded me right away of my father. My father came from Mexico with nothing. He learned how to install ceramic tile. He saw that it was good money, but it was a ard work. He kept learning, now he runs a tile company working for the City of Chicago. He became great at what he loves to do. When I graduated high school in his speech he told me whatever you want to study be the best at it. Just like Dolores she had mastered how to be a waitress. People how to be a waitress. People loved what she did and always came back for more.

However, when you go out to eat with family you expect the best service the restaurant can give you. I expect everything to be handled properly. Nobody wants a waitress that gives you attitude and doesn’t serve you correctly. If I had the chance to actually see Dolores be a waitress I would receive her service | would leave a big tip. Not just for the service, but to keep herself motivated. Waitresses don’t make much money, some depend on tips to pay the bills. So if she giving great service expect a great tip. You have to reinforce the good work people do.