Essay about Romeo And Juliets Tragedy

Brown hair, skinny legs, and a loud voice characterize me. Similarly; death, a hero, supernatural characters, and a sign of hope characterize a Shakespearean tragedy. The first factor of Shakespeare’s tragedies is the fact that almost every character dies by the end of the book. In Romeo and Juliet a tragedy story about two star crossed lovers. Their families have been disputing for many years which is standing in the way of their love. Their difficult situations ultimately leads to their suicides which helps heal the dispute between the Capulets and Montagues.

Along with the death of the lovers Mercutio is tabbed and killed by Tybalt early in the story. Tybalt is then stabbed by Romeo as revenge for the death of Mercutio. Tybalt then dies. Lady Montague dies due to a heart attack after hearing that Romeo has to be banished and then learns he’s dead. Count Paris is stabbed by Romeo in a dual over Juliet. Then Romeo drinks a poison potion because Juliet appears dead. Then Juliet wakes up to find Romeo dead at her feet, so she stabbed herself. Julius Caesar is a play based on Roman Events in history.

In this play citizens love Caesar, they have offered him the crown three times and they stand in the streets o praise him as he go down the streets. Some of Caesar’s friends fear that he is becoming too powerful and if he becomes king their standing on the totem pole will drop. Therefore they plot to assassinate Caesar, which is carried out halfway through the play. The amount of deaths that occur during the storyline is ridiculous. Flavius and Marullus want to watch Caesar become the king but they are “put to silence” before they see the triumph ad they are dead before Caesar is.

Marcus Brutus loses the second battle of Philippi and commits suicide so he doesn’t have to be taken prisoner. Cassius commits suicide because he hought Brutus had been defeated. Cicero is put to death the day of the assassination. The wife of Brutus, Portia, committed suicide by swallowing hot coals when she realized her husband’s fortune was doomed. Cinna the poet was confused for Cinna the conspirator, after they discover the mistake he is killed anyway but “bad verses. ” Titinius kills himself due to the death of Cassius.

Young Cato dies during during the second battle of Philippi while trying to inspire the army. Also in Hamlet there is numerous deaths. The last scene contains a duel between Hamlet and Laterius. Laterius blade is poisoned so that one stab ill kill Hamlet. Hamlet is doing good and Gertrude raises a toast for his actions. The toast he takes is the poisoned glass of wine that Claudius had set aside to kill Hamlet. Claudius was too slow while stopping Gertrude that she drinks it and dies.

Laterius gets a slash on Hamlet and somehow they switch swords so when Hamlet gets a slash on Laterius they are both are going to die. With nothing to lose Laertes tells Hamlet Claudius’s plan. Hamlet then kills Claudius. Horatio being the only survivor wanted to commit suicide but Hamlet assured him he needs to live to tell the story. Another factor in Shakespearean tragedy is there is a hero like character that usually ends up dying sometime during the story. In Julius Caesar obviously the powerful Julius Caesar is assassinated by people that were fearing his power.

In Hamlet, Hamlet’s uncle murders Hamlet’s father to gain control of the throne. After King Hamlet’s death Uncle Claudius sits on the throne. The ghost of King Hamlet summons his son Hamlet to get revenge on his killer. He is successful in making his Uncle feel guilty of the death. In the the last scene Hamlet dies because Lateralis slashes him with a poisonous blade. Macbeth, he story of a greedy Macbeth decides to rush his fate. Three witches tell him he will be Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, and thereafter a king. After many encounters with the witches, and the death of Banquo.

Lady Macbeth is able to convince Macbeth to killI King Duncan and then he will be the king like the witches suggested. The king is not the main character but he is of significant rank which had an affect on the citizens. Also in Romeo and Juliet they both die which affects the Capulet and Montague families. In result of their deaths the families agree to put their differences aside and no longer be in a constant battle f hate. The two lovers were heroes without knowing. In some of the Shakespearean tragedy there is a chance of hope that would have changed the entire outcome.

In Julius Caesar his wife warns him that she had a bad dream about him last night and he should stay home from work so there is no chance that something can go wrong. Caesar decides to go to work anyways. Later in the story when the assassination is just around the corner Artemidorus has a letter for Caesar that of course Caesar choses not to read. In the letter there is a list of the conspirators and explains how they intend to kill him. If Caesar would have read the letter he would have watched his back all day. In Romeo and Juliet there was also a sign of hope.

Friar Lawrence gave Juliet a potion to help her fake her death so she doesn’t have to marry Paris and can marry Romeo. Friar Lawrence assure Juliet that he will get the word to Romeo in Mantua about the fake death. When Romeo runs into the room to find Juliet “dead” he drinks a potion to kill himself. This makes it obviously that the news never reached him about Juliet’s fake death. If the Romeo would have known she was going to wake up then Romeo and Juliet would have still been living. The last factor that is commonly found in Shakespearean tragedies is a super natural factor.

Super natural means that particular thing can’t occur in real life. In Hamlet there is a ghost of King Hamlet that talks to Hamlet. The ghost appears throughout the whole play. King Hamlet’s ghost urges Hamlet to get revenge. The three witch sisters in Macbeth are super natural. They appear and disappear in an instant which is impossible to do, although it would be very cool. The witches also can predict an accurate future of Macbeth. Also at the dinner party Macbeth sees the ghost of Banquo. The ghost of Banquo makes Macbeth lmost go crazy.

There is also the ghost of Julius Caesar that is seen in Julius Caesar. Brutus sees the ghost is starts screaming so that others will come and see the ghost. Nobody but Brutus sees the ghost which makes Brutus feel better. He didn’t want everybody being haunted by the ghost of Caesar. Modern day tragedies aren’t as extreme as Shakespeare’s. In The Fault in Our Stars and Me Before You are love stories that have the death of only one character, not a whole bunch. Shakespearean tragedies are still read today and will continue to be read because the way Shakespeare wrote them grasps the attention of the reader.