Essay about The Struggle In Christy Brown’s My Left Foot

Human nature is consistently displayed through the eyes of authors in literature. Whether it be the desperation of children whose lives are at the mercy of a beast of an island, or the perseverance of a young boy, crippled and disheartened; literature often conveys the determination, inner conflict and perseverance that makes us who were are as a race.

In Christy Brown’s `My Left Foot`, the story of a young boy whose life would seem incredibly limited is in the limelight. Living with cerebral palsy, Christy endures constant inner conflict in fending off his depression and disappointment. His life is at the mercy of a disease which he cannot control. Through his story, however, Christy shows his determination to become more than a boy in a wheelchair by learning to write with his left foot. Christy perseveres through his circumstances in being unable to use the majority of his body by writing of his struggles, triumphs and faults with his left foot. Brown showed his own side of human nature through literature; through his foot….

Feeling destitute and alone, stranded on an island, a group of boys are shown fighting internal battles in whether to help one another, or fend for themselves. Each boy is described as determined to do what they feel is right to survive. In implementing a number of survival strategies, the boys persevere through disagreement and lack of trust in one another to pursue what they see as the right thing to do. William Golding perfectly illustrates the good and evil in these humanly traits, among many others.

Ultimately, literature is a way for authors of express what they see as human nature. Both Christy Brown and William Golding displayed a perfect example of the world and the human condition through their own eyes for the rest of the world to see. With common themes of inner conflict, determination and perseverance, these writers summed up parts of how they see human nature through the written…