Essay about Why Do Video Games Cause Real Crimes

How possible is it that a fourteen-year old will act out violence against someone because of a game the kid played? Is there a possibility that someone will cause harm to others when they murder fake characters in a fake reality? If someone kills twohundred thirty one zombies on Call of Duty, will they go around and kill his/hers whole neighborhood? When you receive thirty kills and no deaths in a matchmaking game in a first-person shooter, will that person believe he/she is invincible enough to try it in real life?

Some believe that video games of the killing genre will cause innocent people to go haywire and go evil, but it would be insane to have this floating around in your mind, absolutely insane! All of these assumptions have been made, although no one could back up their reasoning behind their thought of this ‘issue’. There’s no way a fourteen year-old will cause violence because of what he played on a game system! Violence has been occurring for as long as humans have been in existence, so there’s no way to prove that violent video games have caused an increase in violent behavior.

For example, if you were to compare violence now to forty or fifty years ago, there is no comparison. World wars were going on, racial issues were beyond different than today, and the average life was Stories are always told from grandparents all the time about how they have gotten into fights and how death was a way of life. Nowadays, they talk about how that isn’t the case anymore because today is a different age, for there is far more consequences for your actions today than back then. (www. money. cnn. com).

Based on the countless studies from professional researchers, there is no sign that virtual video games have caused real crimes in the world today. The American Psychological Association says, “There still isn’t enough research into whether or not games cause actual criminal violence… to reach any further conclusions about whether or not a first-person shooter will increase the likelihood that someone will cause harm to another individual, there needs to be more studies,” so in this case you should listen to what the APA has to say.

In over fifteen years, there has been no evidence that Halo 2 (a first-person shooter) has had any connection to crimes committed in that time, and that’s only one out of a million games ever made! Students who play these violent video games (especially daily) will argue that they wouldn’t have the urge to kill someone or hurt just because they do it on a television. This is exactly on point! Why would an individual want to try to run over someone with their vehicle because they do in on Grand Theft Auto? These gamers have the same common sense as Einstein to know they wouldn’t be able to escape the police after they committed that crime. www. healthline. com).

Here is a fun fact, there are over ninety percent of kids in their teens that play video games, so when you go to school everyday is there a group of students who get up and throw molotov cocktails around the classroom to even hitting someone? Nonsense! In addition to this, the most popular video games played around the world are first-person shooters, such as Halo, Call of Duty, or even Grand Theft Auto! They just enjoy playing these games, maybe because they know they won’t be able to experience anything else like that in their lives, because it’s a video game!

It’s fake! Some kids say that they have played death involved games their whole lives, and they still go to Church, go to college, and keep their records clean. Have you ever been to Evansville and looked at a kid committing a crime and suspect that it was a videogame that made him commit the crime? It just wouldn’t make any sense now would it? Many videogame advocates claim that there is a misunderstanding in what video games do. Some, if not most, of these advocates say that these games are a way out, a safe outlet for the real world.

If they feel like they want to hit someone in class, instead of actually doing it, they will play Grand Theft Auto and punch some random made up character in the face instead, they both connect to make a fine example to support this argument. The video games takes their mind off of things that bother them, it relaxes them this way, which is a healthy solution to keeping the mind running sharp and strong. (www. videogames. procon. org). The last and final supporting argument is why exactly a violent videogame changes people in a negative way.

It was said that there is an increase in aggression in individuals who play games, but there is no sign that it increased violence and crime to that person. This means that the people playing the games will have somewhat of a “hard” personality. For example, when these aggressed behaved kids play a game of football, they would rather play tackle football than flag or two hand touch football, but this doesn’t mean if they are actually playing flag/two-hand touch football that they will deliberately tackle and try to hurt someone, just because they hurt someone on Grand Theft Auto.

For instance, listen to what this fellow had to say about this topic, “If Pac-Man would have had a negative influence on us as young kids, then we would turn the lights out, run around, and eat pills while playing electronic dance music! ” See! This is the perfect saying for this argument, no one is going to build an energy sword from Halo 3 and murder their father or mother because it was their favorite weapon in the game! Video games are made to help people with problem solving, stress-relief, and gives people a sense of imagination.

These are all key to a healthy lifestyle and the thing is, violence isn’t even mentioned by those who play the games! These people aren’t intellectually impaired, they aren’t indisposed, they are wholesome people just like the rest of the humans in the world. A television screen isn’t going to change good natured people into raging murderers, they are people who like something different besides reading a book, that being playing a forgery game.

Think about this, would violence in eality coming from video games be the exact same thing as someone causing havoc from reading a book? Books are the same thing! You never hear people worrying that they might attack someone because of what they read in a book. Individuals read what they enjoy reading, which is the same thing as people with their video games. (www. goodreads. com). Some folks think that causes violence in those that play these graphic games. They think that violent video games brainwash the mind into thinking it is okay, and the players will act out the same actions on the game.

The kids playing the game will think it is a real life game, causing them to want to try and do the same thing in the real world. There has been death related to ideo games, but it had nothing to do with someone wanting to kill because they killed in the game. There have been cases where a game was taken away from someone, and they killed for revenge. But, this can happen with anything, like a car, book, or another toy. However, there have been debates and arguments between those who play videogames and those who are against them.

The players of these games claim that with their own experience, they have never wanted to act out violence in their lives. Also with the percentage of people playing these games, there would be violence everyday, no straight A students, no workforce, nothing! There is no proof that violent video games causes behavior problems. (www. debate. org). You would be insane to think that videogames cause violence in people. People have been playing videogames for a long time, with no evidence of it actually increasing violence in the world.

Most of the teens in the world play videogames with more than half playing these graphic games. Teens and even adults playing video games is the exact same thing as reading a book, books are just video games in words in most cases. What was mentioned before, the studies by professional researchers have not found a single piece of evidence to whether or not both violent video games and violence in humans connect. Video games have been here for over twenty years, violent video games are going to be around forever, no one is going to be able to prove that otherwise.