Essay on Army Fleet Support Case Study

Army Fleet Support (AFS) has written Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) Certification Procedures AFS-M-0119; and IAW Quality Procedures AFS-M-0100, para.; and C.12.4.9) and AFS-M-0117 (Training) for performance of Non-Destructive Testing.

At Knox, AHP the Foreign Aircraft Project Non- Destructive Testing (NDT) is the same as that for the CH-47 F model managed by Knox, AHP QC office.
The Following Inspectors Certifications and respective qualifications Level (LV) are:
Edwards, Robert. (ET), LV-1; Long, Darryl J. (ET) LV-2; Shorter, William. (ET) LV-2 and (PT) LV-2; Wooten, Charles Jr. (PT) LV-1.
Note: Please see audit evidence for the CH-47F NDI APT this will cover founding for the FAP….