Essay On I Want To Be A Paramedic

There was always a desire in me to opt for a profession in which I could contribute to the society and help the people in need. What better way to do this than to be a paramedic who tirelessly works to aid people in distress. On joining this profession, one must learn to apply theoretical knowledge that to clinical and field situations. One must also learn many procedures and constantly update those skills. No day is a routine day.

Every day, the shifts are different, the locations changed and clinical scenarios unique. The work pertains to attending calls such as trauma, cardiac and respiratory emergencies, substance overdose and many other situations and every call teaches some lesson. Apart from providing clinical help, paramedics have to act as efficient organisers and counsellors. Paramedics are often relied upon to control and direct emergency situations, this responsibility and challenging tasks is what draws me to become a practicing paramedic.

The areas of effective learning are clinical basics, assessment of clinical scenarios, decision making and execution, and patient care. Theoretical knowledge about the field of emergency medicine is the foundation on which other aspects of knowledge are built. Physiological, pharmacological, pathological and diagnostic knowledge are imparted as a part of.

They limit the role of paramedics as care providers being dictated by the physicians. There is no doubt that evidence based guidelines are required and should be used by the paramedics equivalent to any other health care practitioner. However, there must be some margin and space within these guidelines for the paramedics who are often faced with unusual and exceptional circumstances so that they can adapt and apply the guidelines in that particular…