Essay on Lipid Membranes Lab Report

In this laboratory experiment is stating that organic lipids have the ability to dissolve lipids membranes, and in this exercise acetone would be the main source to be used to have the reaction of dissolving the lipids inside the tubes.
This exercise was to be able to observe how the chemicals reacted in rare temperatures such in heat and in cold weather, also this type of changes can create a new color either making the color lighter or darker. The reaction of a light color would be that it did not affected the beet for the fact that the chemicals that were inserted In the tubes were not strong in the other hand the tubes that had darker colors, would be that the chemicals were strong enough to damage the beetle.
In this experiment their…

In this laboratory, Ms. Mendez stated to observe how much qualitative and quantitative data could we get from the chemical reactions that were about to be exposed. However the alternative hypothesis was correct, because as the time went by the beets started releasing a reddish dark color. This was observe after the beets were introduced to hot temperatures, making the chemical reaction and damaging the walls of the membrane. Cold temperatures however, started creating water to crystalize, making them go to a bigger size, because of respective hydrogen bonds in the permeable membranes.

In this experiment they were only 3 concentration of acetone in total the first one was 4% Acetone, the second one 9% Acetone, the third one 20% Acetone, also Distilled water (DL H20) was also use. The experimental observation was to conclude which chemicals made the most damage and which did not. However the idea was that if the tubes had 20% Acetone it would create more damage.
When obtaining the beets, a cork with 5mm inside diameter were used to be able to extract them in a precise measurement, to be able to insert the beets inside the tubes with out making any mess. Before inserting the beets in the tubes, they were rinsed with tap water for 2 minutes, to be able not to have damage cells in the surface of the tubes. After placing the beets in each label group of tubes, than were placed on respective temperature treatments to begin the chemical reaction if do…