Essay On Strangers In America

Stranger: n. One who is neither a friend nor an acquaintance. Next door neighbors are strangers, teachers are strangers, and animals are strangers. What puts fear into our hearts more than in the presence of a stranger? Americans are known to be troubled at risk assessment and they are known as people who cannot be fully acquainted with strangers. I will give insight on the subject of fear that most Americans relate to, and explain the trend that sets the fear in regards to someone who is neither our friend nor our acquaintance. So why is this unique fear among the major party of America? Furthermore, in discovering why that fear factor is actually an ongoing trend for most Americans, we’ll go in-depth to the base of the problem to Americans being fearful of strangers.

Like I mentioned, Americans are troubled at risk assessment. They tend to put risk in events that are too relevant or too common and dramaticize uncommon or irrelevant events. In our minds are heuristics. This term is used to describe our brains making shortcut guesses in solving problems. The fact of the matter is heuristics depend on the information that is already stored in our memories….

From that very moment and onwards to today, people of muslim descent, people who wear turbans and long robings, people who slightly resemble cultures similar to that in the Middle Eastern countries are assumed to be dangerous and casted as outsiders, right here in America. We try to travel to these Middle Eastern countries, surely without a doubt, we are not welcome and casted as outsiders whom none of the persons would acquaint themselves. This is everybody’s trend that was set in motion by dramatic events installed in our…