Gm Foods Persuasive Essay

Food shortage, world hunger, an starvation have been a big problem for the world. Scientist are trying to grab a hold of these problems before matters get any worse. Food shortage, world hunger, and starvation are three reasons as to why scientists have decided to modify foods. GM foods are a new genetically modified way to “improve” crop production, but these new improvements are not as helpful as scientists planned them to be. GM foods should play no role in the global food supply because GM foods have no beneficial role within humans lives.

GM foods were supposed to be made to benefit humans lives, and help to make more plants to give to the people. Instead of helping the people these notifications seem to be providing health problems (Agadoni). The products that the scientists put within these crops prove to only increase allergies for the people. Scientists use a bacteria, “Bacillus thuringensis”, to keep the insects away from the crops while they are being grown. Smith has proved that the only thing BT keeps away is the chance for the the immune system to fight off allergies. The test that was ran was performed on mice, and the results came back as “elevated antibodies associated with infections and allergies.” WHO, World Health Organization, has also said that their main concern is with the modified genes that can be harmful for humans, and could “…develop antibiotic-resistant genes.”

GM foods are supposed to help the ones that are in need of more food. One thing that people are worried about is the fact that these new advances “may be skewed to interests of rich countries” (Human Genome Project). GM foods are supposed to help the countries that are in need, but if the foods are only going to go to the rich countries it makes the people question if these foods are even beneficial. Some officials even say that GM foods are “…not mandatory in some countries.” The world’s biggest countries don’t even need GM foods which would mean that only the little developing, and non-developing, countries would actually need to use GM foods. Little developing countries, and non-developed countries are very few which would mean that GM foods would be making very little beneficial impact to the world.

Results have even shown that GM foods prove no benefit to human lives (Cage). The officials at “Greenpeace International”, Geert Ritsema, says that the high market prices are only an excuse to get buyers to turn to GM foods. Peter Melchett even states, “…products have never led to overall increases in production,” and “…have sometimes decreased yields or even led to crop failure.” The fact that these modifications have not proved to have any increases in production proves that these crops are not beneficial. GM foods are not helping the people get more food, or actually using helpful methods to increase the production of food. Instead they are killing off crops and making normal crops unable to be used. With all these problems that GM foods are causing it makes the people question “Why should I mess with this technology when it has no benefits to me?”

GM foods should play no role in the global food supply because GM foods have no beneficial role within humans lives. GM foods prove to only increase allergies, decrease the immune system, only benefit the richer countries, and have no beneficial results. The people have began to question why this technology is even being considered, because of the many problems they give off to the world. The only thing is the fact that these modifications are not doing the things they were made to do, and should be stopped. Officials main concern is with the people, and the GM foods prove to show no improvement when coming to the people. Instead only bad things have came from these modifications. GM foods should be stopped before anything extremely major happens, and then the problem will be too late to catch and eliminate.