Persuasive Essay On Drones

Mankind used to be bound to the ground of Earth and it stood on the ground for a long time, but soon enough it found the ability to fly. The power of flight grants us new technologies to fill our needs. One of these new technologies gives us an extra pair of eyes and ears. These new creations are called drones. Drones solve many problems in the USA, but they also create some other problems as well. They can provide transportation of goods over the air and provide views from above for ground survey. However people complain that drones could invade people right to privacy.

Having done extensive research on the subject of Drones, I believe that drones will do more good than harm. Even though many people fear that drones could threaten privacy in the US, but with proper regulations put into place, drones can provide beneficial services without trespassing on people privacy. Drones provide a fast and efficient means to transport goods. Amazon already has a plan to use drones in its delivering service. Even if drones only moves as fast as cars, the delivery time is still shorter since it flies in straight line to its destination and has a very low amount of object to dodge in a huge area such as the sky.

Also drones have less chance of being delayed than cars do, since it does not have to stop multiple times. Drone can be sent out at any time of the day and to any locations of the region. Amazon old shipping way by car takes two to three days on the average while the new shipping way with drone takes only around one hour. Drone can cut down the cost of delivery quite significantly for customers when they buy small or low price items due no human labor fee. Drones are more environmentally friendly because they operate on battery with no harmful exhaust gas unlike cars that run on gasoline.

This large vision of drone transporting merchandise is clearly an important investment to improve our future and economy. Drones are very useful in helping us survey big areas or not easy reachable tight places. Having a large wide of view, drones are the top choice for exploring a big area from the air. When a place was hit by bad weather like an earthquake or storm, drone can be quickly deployed to assist the rescue team in surveying the damages, in finding people with speed and accuracy. Drone can deliver food and medical supplies to wounded people that are not easily reachable.

Drone dropping supplies much like airdrop by airplane but it is much more effective since it lands the supplies on target with better aim. The rescue team also benefits greatly from using drones to spot out dangerous objects or hazardous areas that can kill or greatly hurt the team. By improving our vision and safety, drones are valuable tool that cannot be ignored in search and rescue mission. However, people argue that those same great abilities of drone can also invade personal privacy, or compromise public safety, and drone’s use should be stopped.

Drone can spy people from huge distance with cameras that ranges to from 1ft to maybe 100ft. Drone can use to carry weapons for terrorist attacks. Those issues can be solved with a set of clear rules and regulations, which are now non-existing since the technology is new. Drone license and registration can be set up which allows the law to trace a particular incident to the operator. No fly zone can be imposed around airport or public places for safety.

It is not going to be easy, but with time and efforts, those negative effects of drone technology can be minimized, while positive effects are undeniable. Like any new technology, drone can be used for harmful purposes or for advancement of human life. For new technology they come with great deed and bad flaw. The benefits that drone brings to safety, efficiency, environment, economy, far outweighs the harmful drawbacks. Drone technology should be allowed and also regulated by law. This is the reasons why we should start using and improving our drone.