Essay on The Fall Of The House Of Usher Summary

The story “The Fall of the House of Usher” tells how two childhood friends the narrator and Roderick Usher after many years Roderick writes to the narrator and ask for help because of his illness that runs through his family. The mansion that Roderick lives in has been there for generations that has been past down. The narrator is freaked out by the house because of the noises from the wind and the appearance of the mansion. Roderick’s illness is making him go insane as well as his sister Madeline Usher. As time went Madeline fainted and Roderick thought she had past away so he made her the burial as every other family member.

An old friend, Roderick Usher, asked me to come visit right away. He was ill. I hadn’t seen Usher in a long time. We had been close as boys, but there was always a side of him I felt I didn’t know. When I got to his house, my heart froze. Usher lived in an old stone mansion that was barely standing. The house was surrounded by dead bushes, a few rotting tree trunks, and a dark moat. A long crack zig-zagged down the front of the house. The house had been in Usher’s family for hundreds of years. Maybe that was why it seemed so creepy. All the generations of Ushers had lived and died there. paragraph 2)

The Fall of the House of Usher relates to romanticism by human and nature connections through imagination and stretching the truth to make something small seem powerful. But comfort was not possible. The shadowy walls and sudden gusts of wind that blew through the room filled me with dread. Usher said that one other person lived in the house: his beloved sister, Madeline. She was his only living relative. But she, too, was ill. As he spoke, Madeline passed through the back of the room, then disappeared into the dark.

For the next several days, I tried to lift Usher’s spirits. We read books together. One day he asked, “Do you think the stone walls of this house are alive? “(Paragraph 3-5) The narrator thinking that the walls are alive because of the noises he hears from the wind and more but Roderick isn’t convinced that the walls are living. Instead Roderick answers that they are alive as his sister Madeline is in that situation. The story paints the picture of the house being haunted even with only two people who are in the mansion. The Fall of Usher has gothic style from dark romanticism and insanity.

It also makes isolation through Roderick being alone because the death of his sister Madeline. The narrator tried to accompany Roderick from loneliness. Neither Usher nor I could sleep. I decided we should read a story out loud. As I began to read, something rattled. It’s just the wind, I told myself. I continued to read. Just then, I heard the rattling again. Then a sharp, grating, screaming sound came from somewhere below. Usher was facing away from me. I continued to read.

The clanging and screaming got worse. I tapped my pale friend’s shoulder. He turned to me, a sickly smile quivering on his lips. Hear it? ” he asked. (Paragraph 5-6) Roderick and Madeline is a special connection because they are twins and as well as one. Roderick is Madeline and Madeline is Roderick in every way from mental to physically so when Madeline comes back from the dead she goes after Roderick. Roderick’s way was different from when Madeline died. Usher cried out, “I don’t know who is alive in this house and who is dead! ” Suddenly, a gust of wind blew open the window and drove Usher to the floor. He wrestled with some invisible force, as if a ghost was beside him–the ghost of his sister–and perhaps the ghosts of others.

At last Roderick Usher lay still. (Paragraph 7) If Roderick tried to kill Madeline he would only drive himself insane so when he buried her, he thought she was dead. Many things symbolizes the story but the house makes a difference because the house is the main key to everything that is happening or causing to Roderick and the narrator as well as his sister. At the end when the narrator escapes the house, he sees the house cracking and begins to disappear. So the house was only chasing to Roderick and his sister. At last Roderick Usher lay still. I fled from that house.

The storm outside was wild. For an instant, the night flashed bright with lightning. I saw the walls of the mansion split along the zigzag crack. Then, the dark moat swallowed the House of Usher. (Paragraph 8) I learned that Roderick and the narrator as old friends were coming together until the death of his sister Madeline and that is driving Roderick insane. The narrator was becoming feared of the house because of the causes that are occurring. The websites helped me understand what really happened because it gave more detail and described the details more clearly.